Yummy fashion! For the past few year Cadbury has hosted a Chocolate Couture Collection fashion show! I’d feel bad wearing any of this after inevitably eating my buttons…

Wedding dress.jpg

This wedding dress is made of platinum and was on display at a shopping center in Wuhu, Anhui in South China. It was created by the Platinum Guild International (PGI). There are only three platinum wedding dresses in the world and they come in red, white and purple. Only 250,000 US dollars! This image isContinue reading


Bright Light Slippers Whenever I’m staying at a hotel I tend to leave a light on. It’s not because I’m scared – although sometimes I might be, but fortunately I stay in nice hotels so they’re not really scary. I’m afraid of bumping into things, banging my toe. I really like the hotels that haveContinue reading

Sleeping bag2.JPG

For some reason I’m partial to this sleeping bag-parka, it might be a Canadian thing. It’s nice to be cozy but with this look you could be cozy all the time. It comes in a variety of colours and it’s good for sumo wrestling! The Selk’bag is a sleeping system which allows to dress withContinue reading