Are you ready for Ascot? Well if you don’t have the perfect hat it’s worth a visit to the Ascot Pop-up Shop featuring milliner Piers Atkinson. A good hat can serve many purposes but at Ascot you want the hat of all hats. It’s the one place where no hat is over the top. MakeContinue reading

The House of Organza is curated by Kim Howells and Lyall Hakaraia and is in it’s third season. This collection of five pieces, entitled ‘Muse’ is created by Fred Butler, Piers Atkinson, Dr. Noki, Patternity and Lyall Hakaraia. I loved this collaboration. Each artist is given a brief – a project manifesto including a poetryContinue reading

This London Fashion Week we were partying at the Pop-Up Gallery at Franny’s in Soho to celebrate Piers Atkinson‘s AW 11 Millinery collection! Naturally there were lots of hat wearers in attendance and of course the amazing Fred Butler was there (on the right)!  

I met Piers Atkinson a few years back when I first moved to London. He was very kind and generous. I guess I thought fashion people in London were going to be cold and cliquy but that just hasn’t been my experience. This London Fashion Week Piers’ headpieces were on the catwalk at Ashish.  Continue reading


I asked some fashion industry insiders for quotes to use during my Viktor & Rolf fashion talk at the Barbican. Here is one from the delightful Piers Atkinson of the Daily Rubbish. In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone to create their own distinct personal style? I THINK A MIXTURE OF; A GREATContinue reading