I love receiving presents so when I received some Molton Brown I was quite excited – I think everyone loves Molton Brown. Then I realized the scent was Pink Pepperpod? What? Really did I want to smell like the sauce that goes with my steak? To my surprise the scent was refreshing, stimulating with hintsContinue reading

I love perfume – who doesn’t? Perfume is such a personal thing – it’s hard to know what makes you like a certain scent. So I was quite looking forward to attending the launch of Agent Provocateur’s three new perfumes at the new Rose Club in London. The new fragrances are based on the originalContinue reading


I’ve always liked working out and I do expect people to sweat at the gym but it bothers me. I’m just happily bopping along on the treadmill and then I’m gasping because of an awful stench from the person next to me and my happy mood is ruined and there is nothing to be done.Continue reading

I didn’t realize what a big fan of jasmine I was until I went to visit Vietnam and the scent was everywhere. There was jasmine tea, bowls of jasmine flowers in the lift and on tables and actual Jasmine trees! I just couldn’t get enough of it. I was recently sent some ‘Jasmine Absolute’  UltraContinue reading