What a fun surprise! On Off made a huge wall hanging of images over the past ten seasons and I saw myself up on the wall! How fun! On Off has been at The Royal Academy of Arts but will have to find a new home for next season.


Atmosphere takes place in the one of the tents in the Jardin des Tuileries, and features designers from all over the world. It’s large but it feels intimate in comparison to some of the other exhibitions, which are massive. There are quite of few designers from the UK as part of On Off! …and ofContinue reading


I really like attending On|Off – there are so many new designers there – I say new but many of them have been designing for years. The venue is set up in a very welcoming way: you feel free to look at a collection and chat with the designer and of course it’s a beautifulContinue reading


Hannah Marshall is going to show her collection at  On Off during London Fashion Week. This just might be one of her new leather labels! I don’t think most shoppers know how much effort a designer puts into every aspect of their collection, the research, the design, fabric sourcing, pattern making, right down to theContinue reading


Running errands and going on go sees today. Back at Oxford Circus prepping for a shoot. I saw so many people who were so badly dresses today. It’s not that their clothes were shabby or dirty or weren’t "in fashion" but there was no sense of personal style. It was a very unified looked. IContinue reading