I love this salon! At Cheeky on Redchurch Street, you can get your nails done while having something delicious to eat. If you have a full manicure they give you a Cheeky nail polish of your choice to take home! It’s a very modern throwback to the old-fashioned beauty parlour. It’s a place that peopleContinue reading

Nail polish has gotten more complicated and there are so many choices – it makes it hard to choose. That’s why I’m aways happy when I receive a new nail polish in a gift bag. At first I wasn’t too sure about the colour – it was a bit too neutral for me and whatContinue reading

I’ve never been a nail biter but sometimes I feel I have the hands of an old lady – they get so dry from handling fabrics and dragging luggage around all day. I am obssessd with looking after my hands, and I’ve been using Solar Oil for my cuticles and nails for years. For handContinue reading


I contribute regularly to Celebrity Style – Lily Allen: I love that fame hasn’t changed Lily’s personal style: she’s just expanded her wardrobe and slimmed down from a size 12 to an 8. This Chanel dress is perfect for her shape and shows off her curves. The sequence detail on the rib cage creates aContinue reading


I was going to see the show Victim, it wasn’t going to start until B Rude finished, so I went to see what all the excitement was about. “You have to hand it to Boy George. Although the karma chameleon has a court case looming (for drug possession and filing a false police report), heContinue reading