I quite like when technology and fashion come together but it’s always a bit novel. Bloom.fm have created wellington boots with built in speakers and they’re bluetooth enabled so you can connect to Bloom.fm and listen to music for up to 5 hours. In addition Bloom.fm has also created a free app, streaming radio stationsContinue reading


I styled Kate Nash’s video for 3am and it was so much fun to style a 70’s inspired video. In this picture is Kate and her band, from left to right: Linda Buratto, Fern Ford, Kate Nash and Emma Hughes. London’s a great city to be in when styling these kinds of shoots because allContinue reading


This is Euphorik’s designers Alexander Leimbach (above) and Roman Makuh second collection. They showed on the last day of the London Collections :Men at Wolf and Badger on Dover Streeet. It’s easy to see why musicians favour this collection – it’s classic, beautiful fabrics with an edge. Key items: the red velvet jacket and longContinue reading


I don’t think I ever realized that Los Angeles would feel like a desert – hot and dry with mountain peaks that could actually be snow covered in the winter. It’s been really hot and sunny, and most of our shoot time as been spent outside – which is great. It’s always a bit disappointingContinue reading


I’ve learned that when one arrives from the UK it’s a good idea of have a cat nap after the 11 hour flight and then go out for dinner. It’s best to go out with a friend who understands how exhausting the flight is and it’s their goal to keep you up until 11pm orContinue reading

We just launched Issue 4 for Graduate Fashion Week. The cover was shot by Elizabeth Hoff, and was styled by me (I’m the Fashion Editor). Yasmin was great to work with, and she loves wearing new designers so she was perfect for Phoenix magazine because our main focus is new designers. The magazine is outContinue reading

I went to the Queen exhibition ‘Stormtroopers in Stilettos‘ near Brick Lane. The event celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s formation. There is a lot to see and listen to but what really caught my attention was an article by Hanna Hanar, which include this quote ‘You hear what you see‘. This just seemsContinue reading

I love that you can just walk along Brick Lane and listen to some good tunes! Check out Fran and Josh on Myspace.

I’ve known Bishi for a few years and I loved styling her for this shot as she has such a strong look! Bishi is doing a one-off live performance, broadcast direct across the internet for SHOWstudio as part their Florist exhibition. Bishi’s one-off LiveStudio performance will broadcast live from 7:30pm GMT on 20 January 2011.Continue reading

Knaves Grave is a fantastic brand new band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. How new? Their debut video is for their single I Don’t Wanna Be Yr AARP and the song on their myspace page has an impressive 91 plays as of this posting – that’s almost triple digits! Their myspace also has their other songsContinue reading

Glastonbury is next week – you probably know which bands you’re seeing, but what are you wearing? The two things we can count on is great music and unpredictable weather. So the challenge is to look great and stay dry. Beyond Retro has some super cute ponchos for £3. They’re quite light and pack upContinue reading

I went to a retrospective to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ‘London Calling’ album, the life of Ray Lowry and the launch of the Ray Lowry Foundation. It’s hard to know why something is iconic but we know it when we see  "London Calling". Lowry created the artwork for the London Calling album sleeve,Continue reading

A night out on Brick Lane with 8 distinct and diverse bands in support of BBC 6 Music. BBC plans to shut down digital radio station 6 Music at the end of 2011 but there’s still time to save it. Radio 6 Music is over 8 years old and is known for playing cutting edgeContinue reading

Sometimes the perks of being a stylist are just so super cool. I got to see Madness perform in an intimate venue, The Flower Pot in Kentish Town, courtesy of Ben Sherman! Playing in Kentish Town was cool because Madness is originally from Camden Town and they’re just a stones throw away from each other.Continue reading

Most of us are lucky to have one cool factor but Liv Boree has them all: – she’s hot – she’s smart: graduated with a degree in physics and astrophysics – she’s a rock chick: she loves heavy metal (she’s even hosted the MTV heavy metal music awards programme) – she’s rich – she’s justContinue reading

I spotted Issue 5 of Fashion.Music.Style on the Kings Road. It’s always quite exciting to see the issue in a shop, I’ve been in a few shops to find it but it’s always sold out! We’ve been quite busy over the past few weeks preparing Issue 6 and it’s been loads of fun. We’ve evenContinue reading