I don’t think I ever realized that Los Angeles would feel like a desert – hot and dry with mountain peaks that could actually be snow covered in the winter. It’s been really hot and sunny, and most of our shoot time as been spent outside – which is great. It’s always a bit disappointingContinue reading

I was quite excited as I got to style a video for Nero‘s ‘Promises,’ their fouth single, which will be released July 23rd. it’s such a good song and my team and I couldn’t stop dancing around. Nero is electronic music artists Dan Stephens and Joe Ray, with Alana Watson on vocals. They’re known forContinue reading

If fashion film has it’s "classics", this is one of them. From 1988, almost a quarter of a century ago (!), "How To Do That," directed by fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

I Blame Coco’s third single Quicker is out September 27th. I can’t help but like Coco Sumner; she’s effortlessly cool. Love her style and attitude.    

How cool is Taylor Momsen? She dresses amazingly, she’s the face of Material Girl, she is doing a campaign for John Galliano and she’s in a band. When you’re this cool at 17 what do you do next?  

Bethany Cosentino & Bobb Bruno are Best Coast. Bethany met Bobb when she was little as he was her baby sitter. Her cat is called Snacks. I love the simplicity of the lyrics and the video, it’s just so happy. It’s great when you see a video that matches the artist and everything comes together.Continue reading

"Heartbeats" is the first single from The Knife’s 2003 album Deep Cuts. Love the off-kilter vocals and the lyrics, they’re so unsettling and beautiful.

I love music videos that make me think "what genre is this!?" It takes about half the video just to acclimatize yourself, and the last half features stunt-sex dance moves that I must admit I haven’t seen before. The link to the video is above, but you have to watch it on youtube because ofContinue reading

Underground L.A. artist Elizabeth McGrath is just too cool – she’s an artist in her own right and is the lead singer for Miss Derringer. Here’s the video for their single Black Tears – she reminds me a lot of Deborah Harry!

This is such a cool video – who is the model though? She looks familiar but I can’t place her! Filthy Dukes are a great uk band, and director Sarah Chatfield brings a lot of style to this video, which makes sense because she’s also directed fashion videos as well, including one for Yves SaintContinue reading

La Roux

Catchy new single from La Roux – strong styling and art direction in this video! It’s refreshing to see this – a lot of music artists try to look like they don’t have a style because they don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard – but then they don’t stand out at all!

Super-cool debut single from The Big Pink, called Velvet. Some songs just make me imagine a runway show – this would be really good runway music…

I’ve always liked Lily Allen. I loved her style in the video Smile: a vintage prom dress, trainers and gold hoop earrings. It was such an original look that the high street chain New Look worked with Lily Allen to launch her first capsule clothing line Lily Loves Lily Allen for New Look. Smile wasContinue reading