In Jakarta things seem to happen quickly as many of the stalls in Pasar Santa (Jalan Cisanggiri II, Indonesia) only opened a few weeks ago. The market was originally known for selling vegetables, fruit and household items but then several stalls opened on the top floor and started to attract a younger hipper clientele and more stallsContinue reading


Today I went to visit several markets as I was looking for some sports socks for a shoot that I’m styling, so I went to Cheshire Street just off  Brick Lane but the sock vendor was all out of white socks so I thought I’d head off to Petticoat Market to look for socks butContinue reading


I love reading – it’s my only escape from fashion and I was particularly delighted to discover the Sunday Book Market on Goldsmith Row in East London. I love a good book – mainly chic lit. I’ve tried to read my iPad in bed but for some reason I tend to read on an angleContinue reading


I love Petticoat Lane Market. It’s not as trendy as Brick Lane or the Sunday Up Market but it does have it’s charm and so much stuff! The street was first named Petticoat Lane as it sold petticoats and lace made by the French. During Victorian times the name was changed to Middlesex, but it’sContinue reading

I love going to markets and flower markets are just so pretty! You can buy a huge bouquet of roses for £5!

Need a button? This stall has been at Portobello Market for over 30 years. I love stalls like this, especially since I often change the buttons on garments that I buy.

I love London. I love London’s fashion, I love London’s architecture- I even love the new mayor of London! But above all I love London’s markets. Any free day I have you will often see me strolling along in Spitalfields or down Portabello. The creative raw talent that permeates the stalls is addictive. I haveContinue reading

The Backyard Market is my new favourite market. Most of the designers run their own stalls so it feels very genuine – artists who are just doing what they love to do and hoping other people will like it. And you will – good food, good music and some good deals! For The Love ofContinue reading


I love going to vintage fashion fairs. Many of the vendor have been collection and selling items for over 20 years so if you’re looking for something special just ask them. They might not have brought it with them but most of the vendors have hundreds of items stashed away! I got two fabulous dressesContinue reading


Out and about at Borough Market lots of people! This is London most popular food market and on on a Saturday it’s super busy. The line ups are long but then you know they are waiting for the best & yummiest food. You can buy lots of yummy things to snack on and have aContinue reading


Recycled items that I saw in markets and shops in Cape Town. Is it out of necessity or style that we use recycled objects? Or both?


I really love going to markets, just looking at different things and being inspired by the people passing by. I’m always searching for inspiration, I never know what that inspiration is until it hits me. And when it does it hits me hard it’s like a rush and I’m replenished, full of images & ideas.


I went to Spitafield market today to visit one of my friends who has a stall there. (Sheryl is on the left!) She designs fun girly clothes, lots of dresses! Spitafield market is great, lots of great food, and cakes and of course lots of clothes!!