I love seeing how shops merchandise their window and how they dress and what kind of mannequins they feature. This week my favourite windows were Zara on Oxford street. Punk and 80’s inspirations – loved the pin curl wig – very Givenchy A/W 13 Loved the oversized cards at Beyond Retro. 90’s grunge and oversizedContinue reading

I was visiting the Arcadia Press Day and couldn’t help but love the DP section. It’s not a shop that I’d find myself wandering into on a weekly basis – although I couldn’t help thinking of a very fashionable friend of mine – whenever I ask her where that amazing dress came from she nonchalantlyContinue reading

I’m not sure if the silver haired mannequin is becoming a new trend. Silver wigs are quite clever as the mannequins could be quite hip and youthful or chic and elegant (translation: the older women) – of course this depends on which market they are targeting. It’s the styling that makes the image above aContinue reading

What makes a good mannequin?  Lots of people think it’s easy to style a mannequin but it’s a lot more pinning than you imagine. Every shop window has mannequins – they’re essentail for creating the right brand image. But what makes a good mannequin and how do you chose? Adel Rootstein & Co. started makingContinue reading