I love this salon! At Cheeky on Redchurch Street, you can get your nails done while having something delicious to eat. If you have a full manicure they give you a Cheeky nail polish of your choice to take home! It’s a very modern throwback to the old-fashioned beauty parlour. It’s a place that peopleContinue reading

Nail polish has gotten more complicated and there are so many choices – it makes it hard to choose. That’s why I’m aways happy when I receive a new nail polish in a gift bag. At first I wasn’t too sure about the colour – it was a bit too neutral for me and whatContinue reading


Today at the All Saints’ press day you had the opportunity to have your nails painted, or you could try Nail Rock, which is a ‘nail wrap’ that’s very thin with prints that are quite cool and quirky. It also takes less than 15 minutes. Nail art is like the new lipstick. Usually in aContinue reading

I’m not a summer girl, I’m more comfortable in the autumn but I do feel the need to embrace a bit of colour. I’m loving the ‘High Contrast’ manicure by Teresa Smith at Nails at Work. They are a combination of thinly applied Gel polishes which are very glossy and chip-free – perfect for work.Continue reading

I’m loving BootsNo7 Speed Dry Grey nail polish. We used it for one of the fashion shows in Bath. You might not always think of grey as a summer colour but there’s something fresh about it and it seems to go with everything. I used two coats and it does dry quickly!

Love this super cool BarryM Instant Nail Effects – nail paint. You need  to start with coat of nail polish, any colour red, purple, gold – for my shoot the model was wearing a beige nail varnish. Then you paint a coat of ‘Instant Nail Effects’, it goes on like a normal black polish butContinue reading

I met up with nail expert Teresa Smith of Nails At Work during her press day at the Hospital Club for a Shellac polish. Teresa explains "Shellac is great for holidays as they stay chip-free and super shiny for weeks. My office based clients love the fact they can get straight back to work afterContinue reading

I love getting a manicure and finally had one done by the super cool nail salon WAH. It didn’t matter that my nails are super short – they were still able to paint them with one of their more subtle leopard print looks. Lots of people commented on my nails and thought that my nailsContinue reading

I’ve recently been obsessed with painting my nails. It’s spring and there are just so many great colours available but I’m terrible at waiting for my nails to dry. I always end up smudging one of them. I’ve been snooping through a few make up artists’ kits and several of them have Seche Vite DryContinue reading

I love manicures but I find that they rarely last. I’m quite rough on my hands as I’m constantly dragging suitcases, hanging up clothes and working with fabrics. I had a manicure five days ago using this lovely racing car green by Ciaté and it hasn’t chipped or smugged – t still looks perfect! IContinue reading

I love getting my nails done but it’s hard to find a good nail technician. Teresa Smith has been in the business for over 10 years – when she worked at Harrods she had a four week waiting list! She’s worked with numerous celebrities including Bella Freud, Florence Welch, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, and she’sContinue reading

My job as a makeup artist not only requires the makeup on the face to look good but I need to make sure the nails look tip top too. This past May when I was working on the London Clothes Show, there were over 40 models, dancers and celebrities backstage to make up each day.Continue reading

I’m obsessed with nail and hand care. I keep my nails as short as possible and I am addicted to the Essie Crystal File – I carry it everywhere. As a stylist I’m always afraid of my nails snagging the fabric of e.g. a delicate chiffon dress, so the file has become an essential partContinue reading

First I apologize for complaining but I really need to rant a bit. Not too many things really get to me but I’ve been noticing too many ugly feet while on the tube. It might be because I’m looking down and generally avoiding eye contact. Unfortunately the hot weather had enabled too many men whoContinue reading