Models go on castings on a daily basis, the rest of us make up artists, hair stylists, photographers and stylists go on appointments. It’s hard to make the time when you’re busy shooting but it’s important to meet new people and show your work. You’re basically going on mini interviews all day. What’s great andContinue reading


Stonefoxx performed last night at Embassy Club in Mayfair. Who is Stonefoxx? They are a relatively new pop band. I met them about two years ago when they first started working together: Gem Allen, Stacy Burton and Lizzy Williams. They are super fun, cool and hard working. I adore them! They are managed by JamesContinue reading


I had a fantastic time styling Inbar Spector’s show! There is so much of this collection that I want and would wear all the time, I really love all the clothes and the construction is genius! When you have clothes this special you’ve got to have a fantastic team! First and for most we hadContinue reading


Most of us are starting to understand why we shouldn’t buy fakes but we don’t really understand why we should or shouldn’t buy luxury goods. We don’t really know any more what makes a luxury item really luxurious. I have never bought a fake luxury item, but I don’t own many luxury items I haveContinue reading


Sometimes you’re booked for a location shoot and you have no idea how it’s going to work out. I worry about my clothes being wrinkled and having no where to iron or steam them. I packed them lightly and put them in garment bags so they don’t get crushed but I know they’ll still manageContinue reading


Shooting in a studio near Old Street I got to work with the fabulous make up artist Carla B!


Saw Some of my favourite people: Sheryl May who had been quite busy showing her next collection at London Fashion Week                                                                                                     Continue reading


Worked with a darling make up artist called Candy, and then went to the Portrait Gallery after the shoot. So many great things to see in London!


It was great to be at Guilfest! Back in the UK just for a day! I love pimms. I even had pimms at my wedding! Posing with make up artist Jose Bass, it was great fun to see some of my friends! Love the tag line “you rock – we roll” I thought this guyContinue reading

I always knew that I was dependent on my mobile and that I liked having one, especially a new mobile phone but today I forgot my mobile for the very first time ever. I even take my phone to the gym with me. There are signs that say “no mobile phones” but it’s on silent,Continue reading