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I don’t like to break the illusion of fashion. It’s beautiful, fun, even unobtainable; it’s the dream. I love fashion and everything about it. I’m not the kind of girl who skims a magazine – I read magazines cover to cover. I like things that are aspirational. It might be a beautiful photo shoot, orContinue reading

I love going for coffee and reading the latest magazine. Each month there are several new magazines on the shelf and you just wonder how many of them will make it to their second issue. .. A new bi-monthly magazine Distill just hit the shelves and you know that since the editor in chief isContinue reading


The secrets inside a stylist’s kit are really not so secretive – sometimes there are just subjects that we don’t talk about too often – like nipples. You’ll notice in different magazines and advertising women with and without nipples. In Sex and the City you see lots of nipples and in M&S advertising women don’tContinue reading


It was great to run into one of my favourite Hannah’s – Hannah Almassi from Grazia! A press day is when a PR presents the new collection to editors and stylists. Most PRs carry more than one brand and some brands are done in house. During the press day you can create a list ofContinue reading


Disorder magazine is mentioned in the new issue of Nylon magazine as one of the coolest magazines in the UK! No wonder, it has a team that doesn’t compromise, works 24/7 and are so unpretentious and they really really don’t care what other people think, so of course it’s no surprise that they are trulyContinue reading


Marie Proctor and Charlene Campbell of Annazbell. I went to a gathering at the Funky Buddha to celebrate the relaunch of Annazbell; I think it’s really hard to start an good e-zine but Annazbell has a head start and lots of experience as they originally launch in 2004. Girls @bookings Alyson – the model bookerContinue reading

Some people feel that actresses are taking over the model industry, but models are taking over the film industry! There has always been a bit of a power struggle as some people argue that it cost less to put actors on the covers of magazines and that celebrities sell more magazines. Anyway, I’m really lookingContinue reading


I write a monthly page called “Dress for Your Shape” for Health and Fitness magazine. Each month I focus on a different sport, and while it’s important to dress appropriately for each sport what’s really most important is that you dress for yourself! There is so much great sportswear out there that you should neverContinue reading


I saw this image in a lingerie shop in the city center, I just love the styling. Most of the shops weren’t too exciting, but the high street is here…Mango, Zara and Office. Sometimes it’s so hard to know where to find that one interesting designer shop or street vendor in a new city. ThereContinue reading


We’ll see what the Fins wear to a concert but it does look like there are loads of magazines here. So far people have just been dressing for the hot weather but I’m maybe we’ll see some inspiration tonight!! A good men’s wear story and of course the scenery/location is amazing.


This girl make not only the coolest jewelery, but there are so many pieces that I want, and I’m not really a jewelery girl. I used to be the kind of girl that loved & wore loads of jewelery, then I don’t know what happened. Things change and I just have seen anything that IContinue reading