It’s been so rainy lately that I’ve opted for colouful, cheery bags instead of black suitcases.

As a fashion stylist luggage is a big part of my life and labeling my luggage is important – so it’s great to have fashionable luggage tags! I got this DVF vintage zebra swirl print luggage tag in the goody bag from the WGSN Global Fashion Awards.    

I’ve had a Kipling carry on case for a few years. Mine is not a very exciting piece of luggage, it’s black with wheels and it’s quite practical with lots of useful compartments. I use it because it’s very light and barely adds any extra weight and I can store it in front of meContinue reading

I think most stylists have a deeper relationship with our luggage than the average person experiences. Many people have a love for a pair of shoes or the perfect handbag but for me the relationship I have with my luggage is an even more intimate one. I identify with my luggage and I can’t doContinue reading

You can spot stylists and their assistants all over London just because they are dragging cases. I have about ten suitcases and they are always full and usually going to one shoot or another. For the most part I love what I do but dragging heavy cases through the airport is not one of them.Continue reading

Do you leave the lights on, or is your mobile phone plug charging when it’s not plugged into your mobile? Do you try to eat any veggie meals? Do you recycle? Are you able to walk instead of taking your car? If you had a dog would you walk more: this is what Do TheContinue reading

I love luggage. All of my luggage is quite dull and I’m in desperate need of some new luggage. I have nondescript boring cases but now the zips are ripping and the wheels are wobbling. I’d love to have beautiful luggage – it just seems that beautiful clothes should travel in luxury. I saw thisContinue reading


Puma launched The Reality Bag a while back in January 2008. I’m quite partial to PUMA bags, and I have a black one that I love but it’s started to look a bit tattered, so I don’t use it but I can’t get rid of it. I saw The Reality Bag at the Puma shopContinue reading


While on my way to dinner I spotted this Nissan Figaro that’s for sale. I know it’s not practical: I couldn’t fit my luggage in it, I only have a license for an automatic, I don’t like parallel parking – which is all one does in London. But it’s Barbie pink and so cute! IContinue reading


No one realizes how much packing a stylist and her assistants do. I have about seven suitcases and they always seem to be in use. Taxis always think that I’m moving and never just going to work for the day. On fashion TV there is always a rail full of clothes and it’s a mysteryContinue reading


I’m always happy when I see a great collaboration and I really hate when I see a partnership just for the sake of marketing. There’s something lazy & ugly about it. I had a blue LeSportsac in high school and it wasn’t fashionable: just very lightweight & practical with lots of pockets & zippers. I’mContinue reading


Love these dolls! I loved dolls when I was little and had loads of them and used to dress them up for hours. I had three mini Barbie’s that came in their own special box and that had a handle I was never into Malibu Barbie or the houses, cars, I just like the clothes,Continue reading


I don’t drive in London. I have mixed feeling about driving here as there is so much pollution, and mainly I’m not good at parallel parking. I have lots of luggage so a car would be great, I saw this car the other day, it’s one of my favourite colours but it’s so big!

Betty Jackson sale starts December 18th Discounts start at 20% on selected lines Bicester Village sale starts December 18th and then the entire village will go on sale from December 26th Sale ends February 15th Reductions will be up to 75% off original price. Blossom sale starts December 21st Sale ends January 30th First MarkdownsContinue reading