I rarely wear trousers but I couldn’t help but pop into Donna Ida‘s shop on Elizabeth Street to see all their denim. The very friendly staff were quite helpful and ready to convert me, but in truth I’m already a big denim fan. Everyone needs one great pair of jeans and there’s no point inContinue reading

Interview London Denim and Simon King Are you working on a new collection? London Denim: Constantly, although I do stop for coffee. Where are you from? London Denim Suffolk: Ipswich in hence the six fingers on each hand and webbed feet Are there any family members that inspired your work? An Aunty that sews etc?Continue reading


How cool to see Simon King’s London Denim T-Shirt for Harrods in an ad in the tube station! I love these T’s – they’re super soft. I have a white one with a heart on the sleeve and it comes with a cute little belt. Who could resist a T shirt with an accessory?!


Simon King from London Denim with Craig at Harriet’s Muse. He gave me one of his new t shirts. It’s so soft. I love it!!!