Location shoots can be quite fun. It’s quite curious being in someone else’s house. The owner usually makes themselves scarce on the day – so you can have some privacy for the shoot. This house was quite wonderful and if you’re into shabby chic this would be perfect – which it was. When you’re stylingContinue reading

This is some back stage footage of the team that I worked with on the Harvey Nichols shoot in Istanbul. It was really cool experience to shoot a model hanging upside down. It’s really hard on the models’ foot; the foot is quite heavy wrapped up and all the blood is rushing to the modelsContinue reading


I love location shoots and Lordship Park was one of the best houses that I’ve seen in a long time. it’s quite central Lordship Park, Stoke Newington, London. The owners were so sweet and made you feel very welcome, plus they offered you tea as soon as you came in the door! I just lovedContinue reading


Sometimes you’re booked for a location shoot and you have no idea how it’s going to work out. I worry about my clothes being wrinkled and having no where to iron or steam them. I packed them lightly and put them in garment bags so they don’t get crushed but I know they’ll still manageContinue reading


I love location shoots especially in London at night. It’s hard to plan an outdoor shoot in London because you never know what the weather will be like, but there are so many great locations! Here we are around Waterloo station.

Rebekah Roy & Chanelle

I love location shoots. This house was a huge box and very cool – it was open concept with lots of light, height and space. Actually it felt very Canadian even though it was in London! We were shooting Chanelle, she’s great fun & super cute. There was a very friendly yet unassuming, slightly chubbyContinue reading


Looking for a location for an upcoming shoot. It’s really important to have a good location, it can make the world of difference!


PhotographersI think it’s really tough to be a good locations photographer, of course it’s different then a studio shoot and each has its positive and negative side. You have to be quick thinking, creative and organized all at the time same. It looks hard to do and it really is. You have a whole teamContinue reading


I love shooting in other people houses, it’s kind of curious to see how other people live.