I was really looking forward to this year’s WGSN Global Fashion Awards Short List 2013 party at the St Martin’s Lane Hotel as Kate Nash and Event Director Lauretta Roberts were co-hosting the event! It’s was quite an exciting evening as there is lots of anticipation about who will be on the short list. WGSNContinue reading


This is the third annual WGSN Global Fashion Awards. I’m very honoured to be one of the judges (it’s my third season as a judge). Listed below are the nominees in my favourite categories for the short list. The final winners will be announced in London at the Savoy on November 5th, 2012. Emerging DesignerContinue reading

I met Lauretta Roberts while she was the editor of Drapers. She’s friendly, smart, knowledgeable and loads of fun, everything you expect a true fashionista to be! Since I met Lauretta she relaunched Drapers and now she’s doing the same at WGSN. It takes a person with tremendous vision and knowledge to create a successfulContinue reading

British Style Genius is a new show airing this autumn. The event featured a 20-minute preview of the five-part series, with an introductory talk by BBC2 Controller, Roly Keating. I love fashion TV and I’ll watch any fashion program at least once. I just want to know what’s happening and be informed of fashion televisionContinue reading