I recently worked with knitwear designer Alice Palmer on her show for Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch. I just loved all her work. She’s just one of those girls you meet and you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. Did your mother or grandmother knit? AP- Both my Grandmothers were fashion designers,Continue reading

I don’t know why we think only big cities produce creative talent. I think lots of talent is born out of boredom and lack of inspiration, where one is forced to create something that interests them. I think this happens all over the world, only we don’t have the opportunity to see these ideas. SoContinue reading

I was visiting the Swedish Fashion Exibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum and spotted this girl on the street. I just loved her style and thought her sweater was fab – she bought it at Topshop on sale. Her name is Pippa and she works for Kurt Geiger Shoes, in PR.

You might think that because knitwear designer Mark Fast grew up in Winnipeg that his garments would be warm and cosy but he’s created some of the chicest and sexist knitwear around! Think corsetry, Elizabethan/Joan of Arc and a hint of S&M. Mark knits everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine. Mark studied fashionContinue reading

What is the source of cashmere fiber? Cashmere fiber is from the Kashmir goat! Great Orme Kashmiri goats that live in Conwy North, Wales like to eat elder, gorse, hawthorn, bracken, bramble, ivy, stinging nettles and privet. Most goats are quite picky eaters and enjoy grazing on the tips of woody shrubs and trees. SheepContinue reading

Knitting has become popular again. Maybe it’s because it’s getting cold outside and we are thinking knitwear or maybe it’s just something creative to do. It’s not about economics as it’s often cheaper to buy a sweater then to make one. I personally love the accessories, the little gloves, hats and scarves! Rowan have someContinue reading


The Royal Collage of Art was transformed for it’s MA fashion show. It’s really important to see London’s new talent. At the RCA there are 32 postgraduate students in menswear, womenswear, knitwear, accessories, footwear and millinery who are showcasing their garments both on the catwalk and in a static exhibition. I didn’t get see anyContinue reading


I’m a terrible knitter so I’m very appreciative and awe-inspired by people who can knit. When I saw this wedding dress in Harrods (displayed at the “Origins” counter) I just loved it! It’s called ‘The Elizabeth’, and it was designed and hand-knitted by Jemma Sykes for Butcher Couture. The dress is made from 100% certifiedContinue reading


Louisa Harding knitting books, I love them! I have no problems admitting that I’m a terrible knitter but fortunately my mum is a super knitter!