I love being cosy and this cold weather isn’t helping so I’ve been wearing one of my favourite faux fur coats by designer Karen Brost. You can look nice and keep warm at the same time – fashion is more pratical than we think it is!  If you go to any vintage shop they haveContinue reading

These are some key looks from Karen Brost’s Spring Summer 09 collection titled Regal on the Riveria. I think this biker inspired jacket is quite cool. Holly looks great in it and so did I, and I’m only 5′ 2". It’s always interesting to see how a garment fits, seeing it in print or onContinue reading

Back stage is always bustling with excitement and Karen Brost’s show was no exception. Rachel Wood of Benefit did the make -up and Yan Przemy from Toni and Guy did the hair. I’ve worked with both of these people before which is important because you really need to trust & have confidence in your team!Continue reading


I spotted designer Karen Brost on her scooter! I love girls on scooters – maybe because it’s something I rarely saw in Toronto, but when I moved to London you see loads of scooters and even more in Barcelona. A girl with a dress, heels and zooming around London – so cool. We decided toContinue reading


I love working with “New Designers” – what’s funny is most new designers aren’t all that new – it’s more that they’re just not well known (yet!). Often you meet  a designer who’s only 25 and they’ve been designing for the past 10 years. I worked on a look book shoot which went really well.Continue reading


The lovely Helena Frith Powell was wearing a black signature Karen Brost dress for her book launch in Chelsea last night. Helena is a writer and journalist, she is the author of Two Lipsticks and a Lover – a book about what makes French women so special and her latest book To Hell in HighContinue reading


The team!! Great Assistants! Karen Millen hosting the event Kit – she said she reads my blog -how cool!!! A Louis Mariette headpiece! There were lots of fabulous people at this event, Christina is one of them!


Karen Brost showed at London Fashion Week at an exclusive members club! I really like Karen’s work. It’s very grown up, very sophisticated and has a slight edge. Depending how you style it, you can make it quite edgy & chic or you can go elegant and sophisticated – but her work is all aboutContinue reading


I met up with designer Karen Brost this morning at her London showroom. She’s presenting her new Autumn Winter collection to buyers this week and I had a private preview! It’s 80% classic luxury and 20% rock and roll – the details are in the leather buttons, “fox fur shoulder pads”, the fabrics and signatureContinue reading