I’m always keeping a sharp eye on the look out for the latest techniques. So the past few months I’ve been researching about airbrush makeup. In the USA it’s the norm and I definitely think the UK will soon be following. It’s becoming a more popular and requested medium. I had the pleasure to meetContinue reading

I’ve been friends with Rita Nazareno for a while now and she’s always caring these fabulous leather woven bags so I just had to ask her about them! You studied and worked in media? What is your background? RN – I was in television in America for a while – I was Senior Producer atContinue reading

I was recently interviewed by Lesley Sauls. She wanted to know "What is a timeless wardrobe, and is it possible to have one?" A timeless wardrobe is one that never goes out of style. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a particular style to it – all wardrobes do – it’s just that theContinue reading

I love tights. I mainly wear dresses and shorts so tights are an essential part of my wardrobe. I also think you can make an every day look into something glamorous or edgy with a cool pair of tights. I’m loving gold at the moment! I was recently chatting with Gal Stern, a textile designerContinue reading

When you think of red carpet and gala dresses Ottawa, Canada is not the first place that comes to mind – but it is the capital of Canada so it does attract a lot of diplomats and ambassadors – which means high profile events. Party! James Jefferson and Frank Sukhoo have been working in theContinue reading

You might have seen sequins this season at Balmain, Giles, Christian Dior but Ashish is the King of Sequins and every girl loves a bit of sequins! 30 Second Interview with Ashish: What’s your favourite smell?  rain, old paperbacks, oakwood, talcum powder Do you eat breakfast? yes, always. otherwise i get really really cranky! What’sContinue reading


Models go on castings on a daily basis, the rest of us make up artists, hair stylists, photographers and stylists go on appointments. It’s hard to make the time when you’re busy shooting but it’s important to meet new people and show your work. You’re basically going on mini interviews all day. What’s great andContinue reading

Interview London Denim and Simon King Are you working on a new collection? London Denim: Constantly, although I do stop for coffee. Where are you from? London Denim Suffolk: Ipswich in hence the six fingers on each hand and webbed feet Are there any family members that inspired your work? An Aunty that sews etc?Continue reading


Worked with a super cool new fashion designer, William Tempest. What is the name of your collection? William Tempest: Noir Style… I was inspired by actresses such as Rita Hayworth and Katharine Hepburn, and played with the stereotypes that regularly feature in film noir movies, from the femme fatal to the private detective. The useContinue reading