I saw two images from two shows I styled last season on wall in the Canon VIP room! On the left is Harriet’s Muse and on the right is Inbar Spector. I actually use a Canon camera for Stylist Stuff and I can print wireless images, which I use like a polaroid for my shows!

It’s so hard to chose what to wear when I love so many of the pieces. I cannot separate the designs from the designer. I think that if you love the clothes you will love something about the designer – the person. There are a couple of designers that I know who really express themselvesContinue reading

This show was such a pleasure to work on. I think I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face for the past few weeks as I just love Inbar’s collection. Inbar is really a truly creative person and as her stylist I want to do the best job possible. We had wonderful modelsContinue reading


I was out and about in Soho with Inbar Spector. She had a great time in Paris and her collection was well received! Inbar’s already working on her Spring Summer 09 collection – of course the expectation are going to be high but it’s off to a great start!


I had a fantastic time styling Inbar Spector’s show! There is so much of this collection that I want and would wear all the time, I really love all the clothes and the construction is genius! When you have clothes this special you’ve got to have a fantastic team! First and for most we hadContinue reading


I love Inbar Spector’s work. She’s showing for the first time in London at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Inbar is so tiny and sweet and she has such a strong directional vision; she has a love it or leave me attitude – which you can’t help but respect. She’s a true designer, she loves what sheContinue reading