There’s nothing like coming home after a long day of styling fashion shows, and staying at a hotel. I was staying at the newly refurbished Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel. From 1824 -1932 it was the United Hospital and later became home to Bath College until 2005. From the moment I walked through the doors the service was impeccable almost overly attentiveContinue reading


It’s important to be inspired so I was quite delighted to visit the medieval city of Wells in Somerset. It’s the smallest city in England and the 2nd smallest in the UK, with just over 11,000 people. In England you have to have a cathedral to be called a city. Parts of the cathedral date backContinue reading


I love staying in hotels and it’s not just because I like little soaps and white towels. I live in my own world of fashion debris. There are always suitcases and rails of clothes constantly being packed and unpacked. It’s an endless cycle – of course I’m happy to always be working but a hotelContinue reading


I love a good handbag and I’ve recently fallen in love with the Alice Bag from Knomo. It’s quite a good size bag so it was perfect to take to New York for a photoshoot. Also it’s not heavy – I have a few bags that I adore but they are so heavy even beforeContinue reading


I’ve learned that when one arrives from the UK it’s a good idea of have a cat nap after the 11 hour flight and then go out for dinner. It’s best to go out with a friend who understands how exhausting the flight is and it’s their goal to keep you up until 11pm orContinue reading


I’ve always wanted to style a shoot in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – the Victorian exterior is so beautiful! The corridors are actually very very wide so that during Victorian times women could wear their big bustle dresses and pass each other in the corridor without the dresses touching. Me with the talented makeupContinue reading

St Martin’s Lane Hotel had it’s summer party last night. In London it’s important to celebrate summer as it may only last a moment. It’s been a week of summer parties and this one had delicious pink Chambord cocktails and yummy brownies. I’ve alway been fond of the Morgans Hotel Group. I stayed at theContinue reading

I just arrived at my hotel as we’ve finished shooting & are all packed up. It’s 2:35am & I’m being picked up at 5am. Ohh the bed looks so cozy & is calling my name. Cat nap!


How exciting, I love the Miller’s Residence. It’s one of my favourite hotels, it’s so charming and eclectic and it has it’s own brand of gin – Martin Miller Gin! Juliet Sybil Johns and Hayley Goodwin model Madame V‘s new collection. And it’s the dashing David Piper! Check out his blog at


As a kid I hated road trips but this trip has really been great! It felt like the kind of trip that you take with your girlfriends and most of us have already worked together so it made everything super easy. We’re all Canadian with one American so we’ve all experienced the childhood road trip;Continue reading


I love hotels. I know I mention this all the time but it’s only because it’s true. Hotel rooms are so tidy and I guess I just need to be free of my clutter and debris. I also like a hotel that gives you your own little coffee pot at breakfast (I drink tea inContinue reading


I love location shoots and Lordship Park was one of the best houses that I’ve seen in a long time. it’s quite central Lordship Park, Stoke Newington, London. The owners were so sweet and made you feel very welcome, plus they offered you tea as soon as you came in the door! I just lovedContinue reading


Bright Light Slippers Whenever I’m staying at a hotel I tend to leave a light on. It’s not because I’m scared – although sometimes I might be, but fortunately I stay in nice hotels so they’re not really scary. I’m afraid of bumping into things, banging my toe. I really like the hotels that haveContinue reading


Club Med In Florida for a week! It was work but at least on the last day I got to go to a kick boxing class and a pilates class outside looking over the beach front,and then back to London. It’s funny when you go away because you really having a sense of what homeContinue reading


More cool shoes. Eddyfink, this is one of my favourite bands, or to be more precise favourite group of people who is a band. I think when I came back from my Billy Idol tour I was “band sick”, ok, so most people get home sick – which since I love hotels I’m never homeContinue reading


Breakfast at the Portobello Hotel. A cup of good English tea to start the day. Funnily enough I didn’t drink one cup of tea the entire time I was away on the BFI tour. The Miller Residence is so lovely and whimsical I just want to curl up on the sofa and listen to storiesContinue reading


I loved this hotel room. It was lush and ornate, I loved the canopy and the heavy curtains. It was such a beautiful room but it just reeked of smoke. I don’t smoke but in most hotels the smoking rooms  don’t smell like this, I understand how smoke just seeps into the drapery but stillContinue reading