Daisy de Villeneuve is the type of artist that once you start to recognize her work you’ll see it everywhere. Her illustrations have a unique child like quality to them: I just love them!!! She’s designed Topshop’s quirky shoeboxes, customized Moet & Chandon bottles for Colette’s 10th anniversary, designed for Nike, the V&A Museum, hasContinue reading


To read the rest of this post go to Drapers on Line Update: Designers of New Couture do not copy other designers work – they have the ethics of a fine tailor; they are not like the typical dress maker who will copy a garment.

I’m sure many of you watched Panorama: Primark: On the Rack last night. I like when I go into a shop and there is signage about the shop’s ethical policies. I want to believe them but I have this nagging feeling …it’s too good to be true feeling…I should know better. In my head it’sContinue reading


I like going to the Debenham’s press day, it’s quite impressive as it was in a big marquee right in central London. They show womenswear, lingerie, accessories and homeware. I usually like how it’s merchandised and the how each section is theme based. I met Eric Van Peterson a few years ago, on a shoot.Continue reading


So many high street clothes are made in such large quantities that it’s very likely several girls could be wearing the exact same outfit at the same club or party. It’s hard to find something different without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a fun little dress Dolly Dare specializes in making a maximumContinue reading


The triangular shape (A -line) dress has been around since the early 50’s. It was originally designed to be worn with low heels and bouffant hair – it later transformed into the baby doll dress during the 60’s. Vintage 1960 trapeze dress, $126. The trapeze dress has proven very popular over the past few seasonsContinue reading


The first English Bakelite phone! Bakelite was used to make tape measure! Check out Old Tools, they have lots cool items and a good selection of tape measures! We often see many fashion items and we don’t know their influences or their significance. Top Shop and most high street shops have a good selection ofContinue reading


Sometimes when I’m out shopping I see something that reminds me of something else. Today I saw this dress at John Lewis and it reminded me of a dress by Rodnik. It’s similar but different enough. One looks designer and one looks high street, I think it’s interesting to look and understand the differences: notContinue reading

One of my friends was a button buyer for Le Château. She said one of the simplest ways to change the price point of a finished garment was to change the buttons. Do you ever wonder, what really is the difference between high street and high fashion? Well really it’s quite simple – quality andContinue reading

Maybe the only way for designers not to be copied by the high street is for them to create a diffusion range? I love Erin Fetherston fashion videos -this one she did with Kirsten Dunst and Ellen Von Unwerth Erin Fetherson for Target


  A lecture from thedoll.org. Lee Lapthorne MA – Creative Director of doll was a speaker at this event. He talked about the challenges new designers face and that once you’ve had your first a catwalk show why it’s importance to be able to show each season. What do you need to be considered forContinue reading


I saw this image in a lingerie shop in the city center, I just love the styling. Most of the shops weren’t too exciting, but the high street is here…Mango, Zara and Office. Sometimes it’s so hard to know where to find that one interesting designer shop or street vendor in a new city. ThereContinue reading