I recently went to Iceland, where I met up with Icelandic fashion designer Thelma Bjork. She makes embellished headbands, and I love them! I’m a bit intimidated by the hat, but the headband I have no issues with: somehow it’s easier, less of a commitment than a hat but it makes an equal statement! While sheContinue reading


I love going to costume houses and going through all the rails. I’m doing some prep work looking for some items for an upcoming video shoot for The Feeling! These don’t even look like hats; they just look like huge ornaments or crazy big flowers but actually they’re hats. Some of these hats were usedContinue reading


Doing a shoot in Brighton with a girl who organizes a Burlesque Ball!I found some great corsets and some wonderful mini top hats which I just love and of course I want one…but where would I wear it?      


More cool shoes. Eddyfink, this is one of my favourite bands, or to be more precise favourite group of people who is a band. I think when I came back from my Billy Idol tour I was “band sick”, ok, so most people get home sick – which since I love hotels I’m never homeContinue reading