Pinghe Spring/Summer 2014 - hair by TONI&GUY

I love the hair for our show! We looked at so many styles, and I did lots of moodboards before we decided on this hair  style with Bill Watson International Director, Toni & Guy. Dream Team!


Hair art is becoming more and more popular. I recently saw hair and makeup artist’s work, Shinji Konishi at Luna & Curious.. Luna & Curious 24-26 Calvert Avenue, London E2 7JP

Originally from New York, Rachel has been living and working in London since 1996. Her work as a makeup artist has led her to travel across the UK, to 2 summer seasons in Ibiza (she worked as the makeup artist for world’s biggest club night Manumission) and throughout Europe. She also spends time back inContinue reading

Jeff Larson, a prominent Republican consultant and the chief executive of the local host committee for the Republican National Convention, paid for Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe. It’s no shock that the clothes will be given to charity after the election as why would Sarah Palin wear them twice? Let alone claim $150,000 USD as incomeContinue reading

Back stage is always bustling with excitement and Karen Brost’s show was no exception. Rachel Wood of Benefit did the make -up and Yan Przemy from Toni and Guy did the hair. I’ve worked with both of these people before which is important because you really need to trust & have confidence in your team!Continue reading


Yesterday’s shoot was all about Wonderful Hair. I’ve never had hair extensions and have never had the desire to have them – until today that is. I love how Yulia looks while waiting for her hair to be done. Most models bring a book or something, occasionally I’ve known models who knit to pass theContinue reading


The Subways: Josh Morgan – Drums, Billy Lunn – Guitar & Vocals, Charlotte Cooper – Bass & Vocals are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re all really good friends, they love what they do and they’re just fun to hang out with! Their debut album, Young For Eternity, was released on 4Continue reading


When I see girls with great hair styles it inspires me to spend more time on my hair otherwise I experience pure hair envy. I love getting my hair done, I always feel more glamours – I’m just not great at doing it myself. It’s more of an effort thing but I do think hairContinue reading


I decided on a whim to get my hair styled at the Hershesons Blow Dry Bar in Topshop. It was quite fun as it’s the sort of thing that I don’t normally do but now I find myself with an addiction to big hair. There are 8 different looks to choose from and each lookContinue reading


I like the pale English look: those who have porcelain skin like Kate Winslet and Sophie Ellis Bextor and then the British bands who are more pale then porcelain – but it’s a very British rock and roll look that I love, like Liela Moss’ look from The Duke Spirits. Then, of course there isContinue reading


This shoot was for Luxure Magazine. I was really happy to do a shoot for Luxure because I adore the Fashion Director, Alexia Somerville. She’s an amazing stylist and has a really good eye for spotting new talent. The shoot was about "The Ones To Watch" so we focused on several up-and-coming designers. The teamContinue reading

Nina Taylor

I was surprised to open up The London Paper yesterday and see some images that I styled a few months ago. Nina Taylor, the hand supermodel was just lovely and she’s well known for being Kate Moss’ hand & foot double in the Rimmel ads. Teresa of course, is brilliant and has painted everyone’s nailsContinue reading

Rebekah Roy & Chanelle

I love location shoots. This house was a huge box and very cool – it was open concept with lots of light, height and space. Actually it felt very Canadian even though it was in London! We were shooting Chanelle, she’s great fun & super cute. There was a very friendly yet unassuming, slightly chubbyContinue reading

Elana & Fraggle

I worked with hair and make up artist, Fraggle Jury. She has the cutest name ever! I asked her “So what does your mum call you?” she answered “Darling!”. She’s the cheekiest, hippest chic that I’ve met in a long time! Her quote for the day was “Sparkle, just a little more sparkle!” A fashionContinue reading


I love the buying and selling of clothes and I really want people to enjoy what they are wearing. Advertising is quite interesting as you might have a very specific brief to work to, or just a small selection of clothes, but either way it’s my job to make the clothes fit well. Of courseContinue reading


Shooting in a studio near Old Street I got to work with the fabulous make up artist Carla B!


After days and days of catalogue shoots make up artist Carla B and I needed some inspiration, so we headed off to Palette, which is not too far from Highbury Islington station. It felt like like heaven, so many amazing well-chosen vintage dresses and accessories. They also have some lovely London Labels such as AvshContinue reading


Taro worked back stage on hair & make up at Julia Clancey’s show. It was great to run into him!!!