Eyebrows, in this makeup artist’s opinion, can make or break a face. You can apply a beautiful makeup look but if you have what appears to be a caterpillar dancing above your eyes, no one is going to notice your fab new lipstick! Tweezing can feel awkward or painful, but not with this set ofContinue reading

Why does the Times keep using this pic of Gordon Brown? This image makes him look super-cool! If he was a model, this would be the thumbnail at his agency…if you retouched the bags under his eyes, boosted the contrast and made the yellow background (barf) white this could be a cover shot…!  

I’m obsessed with nail and hand care. I keep my nails as short as possible and I am addicted to the Essie Crystal File – I carry it everywhere. As a stylist I’m always afraid of my nails snagging the fabric of e.g. a delicate chiffon dress, so the file has become an essential partContinue reading

It’s great to be feeling rested and recharged after a fabulous week in Greece… and I have to say if you’re looking for a little Mediterranean paradise for a shoot-the island of Evia had some gorgeous quiet little beaches with water so clear it was like swimming in a pool! But rest time is overContinue reading

I like brushing my teeth. If I’m very organized I’ll remember to bring my toothbrush to a shoot. I always feel clean after brushing my teeth. In grade two some environmentalist came to my school and told us how much water we wasted while running the taps while brushing our teeth and to only letContinue reading

Every man in the public eye wears make-up, even Gordon Brown. His make-up routine was accidentally left in a taxi by an aide. It’s a very basic routine, more like a Make-up for Dummies, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. Of course it might seem embarrassing for the whole world to read your make-up routineContinue reading

Personal pubic styling has just become part of everyday grooming. Porn stars have always been groomed but now most women are expected to be trimmed and coiffed. You colour the hair on your head so why not match down there and have the experience of being a real blond or red head? Betty Beauty offersContinue reading


Ok, I don’t usually gripe but for the past couple of weeks I took the tube at 8am every morning and again during rush hour in the evening. (I was going to a studio for a shoot). Anyway the tube is quite full and people push & shove, but that’s not the real problem. TheContinue reading