I recently met with the lovely Leon Bailey Green. He is an online marketing and branding consultant. He is also the director of marketing for OSOYOU. OSOYOU is one stop shop which helps shoppers navigate their way round the internet. If you’re looking for a little black dress OSOYOU is going to give you aContinue reading


D&G was great. Quite inspiring, so much plaid, very Bay City Rollers meets Little House on the Prairie. Another Hannah Almassy sighting. This Grazia girl is popular! Great treats, lots of little chocolate mousse pots and delicious Laduree macaroons to accompany a cup of tea – of course there is always champagne!


It was great to run into one of my favourite Hannah’s – Hannah Almassi from Grazia! A press day is when a PR presents the new collection to editors and stylists. Most PRs carry more than one brand and some brands are done in house. During the press day you can create a list ofContinue reading


Went to see a stand-up comedy show performed by Shaun Williamson, based on the world of fashion, on Monday, at Chalk Farm Studios in Camden. I dont remember the name of the guy in the warm up act but he stopped the show when he noticed I was photographing him. Hannah said I went beetContinue reading