Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on the other side of the camera for various TV segments. It’s a wonderful compliment when I get asked to appear as a beauty expert. I love to "talk makeup". This past week I filmed a segment for Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked. I’veContinue reading

I have a friend called Becs, she’s no ordinary friend. She is the ‘pretty friend’. She’s the girl that random men on the street feel the need to say ‘hey baby’ to, she’s the girl that looks great without a scrap of make up on and it’s likely that if you didn’t know her you’dContinue reading


Met Gok Wan today in Soho. How handsome is he! I must tell you that the man you see in How to Look Good Naked is the exactly the same person in the flesh. He’s honest, funny, personable and loves fashion. Don’t think for a moment that he’s just a tv presenter talking about fashionContinue reading


I was out doing returns today and who do I run into, but Gok! He was filming his series in River Island on Oxford Street! It airs next week so I’m quite excited that I’ll be here to see it. How to Look Good Naked June 2006, Channel 4 – Fashion series from the makersContinue reading


Today I met with one of my favourite people, Gok Wan. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to London. I was visiting a PRs and he just happen to be pulling some clothes too. Gok was so friendly, telling me different PRs to visit, where to find certain items,Continue reading