Knitting has become popular again. Maybe it’s because it’s getting cold outside and we are thinking knitwear or maybe it’s just something creative to do. It’s not about economics as it’s often cheaper to buy a sweater then to make one. I personally love the accessories, the little gloves, hats and scarves! Rowan have someContinue reading

Mei-Hui Liu of VIctim always does an incredible show. She works with the same people that she has for years – she very loyal and her friends are very loyal to her.  Dejan Cekanovic and Dirk Walther from Premier did the hair. Alex Box from D&V Management did the make-up – every year she justContinue reading


Accessories can change everything. I love gloves and wish I could wear them all the time – even in the summer. Nina Peter make beautiful unique gloves that are very wearable. I always want to get my moneys worth when I buy a pair of leather gloves. Nina Peter and Gregor Pirouzi have been makingContinue reading


For many designers function versus fashion is optional. – But if you’re making a watch that’s going to outer space, this is function at it’s most extreme. Somehow Seiko has manage to create a watch that displays the most accurate time in the world in outer space that looks cool! The watch maybe the onlyContinue reading


I’m a sucker for leather gloves. The picture above is the shop front window of the House of Cashmere in the Burlington Arcade (in London). They have some great light weight leather gloves in fabulous colours. I like wearing gloves especially on the tube when everything feels so dirty. Oh, and I love wearing drivingContinue reading


I love leather gloves but I always lose one of them. I keep the other glove just in case I miraculously find the mate, which of course I never do. Now there’s a website called One Cold Hand that’s here to help; this site reunites gloves that accidentally went their seperate ways. Right now it’sContinue reading