I love shooting for Flux – they are my favourite shoots. The editors at the magazine are great: they don’t just like something because it’s trendy or popular they like it because they like it. I worked with photographer & singer Haidée Augusta! She was so sweet, she actually packed a picnic lunch for us!Continue reading


I love shooting for Flux magazine.Today’s shoot was with Satoshi & Petra. I’d already worked with both people so I knew it would be good shoot day. Also we were shooting at the same location as for Rosabella Album cover, so that makes it easier too, you just know what you have to work with,Continue reading


The best thing about my job is I get to work with some very talented people. Today I was styling Y’s by Yoshiko Kajitani, SS07 collection. All the fabrics are black and white linen that is bejeweled with pewter. All the pieces are simple and wearable. I tried on the jacket and just loved it.Continue reading


You can see the whole story of the wonderful enchanting at flux shoot . The new issue of Flux is out!


I met Anina on a fashion shoot for Flux magazine. She was so wonderful and just up for anything, I loved her energy and I felt like we has so much to chat about. Besides I’ve always loved red hair. All my best friends have red hair, and one friend colours hers…it’s not a prerequisiteContinue reading