Chatting with 1/2 of Felder Felder, Annette Felder about celebrities and their upcoming LFW show! Felder Felder has always been a rock’n’roll label. How has the relationship with music artists come about? Annette Felder – Mutually, we’ve been approached by quite a few stylists who thought FF would work really well for the artists theyContinue reading

I’ve always liked Felder Felder – very rock and roll. I just want to be this super chic tough girl. This dress is from their Autumn/Winter 08 collection. Sometimes it takes a while for a designer to influence the high street but when I saw this Ruffle Hem Shift Dress from Lipsy I thought thatContinue reading


Last season I saw Felder Felder (German twin sisters, Annette and Daniela Felder) at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and I loved their show. I thought their pieces would be great for some fashion shoots and I used several of them. I didn’t know much about the label but the audience was cheering away and you couldContinue reading