To read the rest of this post go to Drapers on Line Update: Designers of New Couture do not copy other designers work – they have the ethics of a fine tailor; they are not like the typical dress maker who will copy a garment.

I’m sure many of you watched Panorama: Primark: On the Rack last night. I like when I go into a shop and there is signage about the shop’s ethical policies. I want to believe them but I have this nagging feeling …it’s too good to be true feeling…I should know better. In my head it’sContinue reading


Primark’s sales are increasing and throw away clothes and fast fashion are just part of our every day language. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the BBC to launch the on-line magazine Thread in conjunction with the programme Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts. I love fashion and I want to feel good about anyContinue reading


Fast Fashion. I went to George at ASDA the other day. It’s amazing how many cute pieces they have!


I saw this juice in Finland and I just love the packaging! Maybe there is stuff like this is London but I’m always food shopping at M&S so I never seem to notice. I love going to grocery shops in different countries, and just seeing new things. Advertising is a great refection of our cultureContinue reading