Over the past few years I’ve had several interns who’ve come from The University of Georgia – Athens, US for the summer. Most of the students have never been to London so it’s quite an exciting experience for them. Megan interned with me for 5 to 6 weeks with this past summer and I wantedContinue reading


Yesterday was quite an exciting day for all the students at Bath Spa – each year participated in the fashion show: 1st year showed the white shirt and tailored coat collection, 2nd years showed the Double O and Red Dress Collection and of course the 3rd years showed their final collections and it was aContinue reading


Today I gave a fashion talk to some new photography students who were taking a short course at Central Saint Martins. It’s quite a lovely experience to meet such new students. For many of them this was their first photography course and their first photo shoot. They each showed me one image from their shoot,Continue reading

I got to meet quite a few students in their final year of a three year programme, Fashion Management & Marketing BA in Epsom. These students will be the first graduates of the programme – there are only 17 students so they’ve been quite fortunate as there are now 70 students in first year. IContinue reading


I recently met a fashion merchandising student who had graduated from university; she’d had never been in a fabric store and had no basic sewing skills. I know that you don’t have to be an expert sewer or pattern maker to be a designer or a buyer and maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’tContinue reading


I went to give a lecture today in Nottingham to some students.  It’s so hard for fashion students to break into the market so it’s great that there are forum and student graduate events like this one.

It’s good to take a day off, or maybe it’s really more of a day in. I didn’t leave the house today. It felt ok it be inside when the sky was dark & grey & there was drizzle, but as soon as the sky turns blue I feel obliged to go outside, but IContinue reading