We make fun of men who wear lifts in their shoes – I think in general life is difficult for the shorter man. King Louis XIV was only 5 foot 4 inches but some of his shoes were 6 inches high. During the seventeenth century, high heels signified the wealth and privilege of men andContinue reading


Liberty of London: Designs of Our Times Anna Buruma is the archivist at Liberty of London and she spoke at the V&A’s Friday evening talk. (You can see her in the 3rd image, she’s wearing a black dress with a red necklace). I wanted to go to this lecture because Liberty has been such anContinue reading

This video is about Swinging London in the ’60s. What I love about the video is that it captures a fashionable side of London that still exists today and it’s what makes people like me want to live here! I found it on a great site: www.retrotogo.com! [source]


Just incase you were wondering how VECRO came about! "In 1941, a Swiss inventor called George de Mestral noticed cockleburs were attached to his dog’s fur, whilst out walking. Intrigued and realising the potential of this concept as a closure, he spent a decade finding material and developing a machine that would produce a closureContinue reading