Most interns don’t realize how valuable work experience is, but one lucky winner is paying over $10,000 USD to spend one week as an intern at Vogue US and have a meeting with Anna Wintour. There were 25 bids on this auction but I’m not sure if they’ll tell us who the winner is. AnnaContinue reading

Sketchbook fashion magazine is creating a space for discussion, bringing fashion, journalism and art together as part of Carnaby’s Street’s 50 years of fashion and music. They are offering a variety of talks about fashion blogging and online vs print discussions, illustration workshops and live music. It’s an intimate setting and has a salon feelContinue reading

You’d be surpised at how many wan-a-be stylists refused to work as a shop assistant. The experiences you gain from working in a shop can be invaluable. Anyone in the UK who is currently working as a sales assistant, might want to enter this competition. On the 5th March ELLE is launching a six-month nationwideContinue reading

  There are now only 5 weeks until the Sew What? Fashion Show! I recently went to London to Shepherd’s Bush and Berwick Street and bought the majority of my final fabrics. I will most likely have to make another trip to London in the next couple of weeks when I get the go aheadContinue reading

So it’s your final year at school and you’re graduating soon? What’s a girl to do? Well, take some advice from Hannah Almassi, the Fashion News and Features Assistant at Grazia UK. *       What did you study at school and where? I went to Nottingham Trent University which has a great art and design school.Continue reading

Do you leave the lights on, or is your mobile phone plug charging when it’s not plugged into your mobile? Do you try to eat any veggie meals? Do you recycle? Are you able to walk instead of taking your car? If you had a dog would you walk more: this is what Do TheContinue reading


My assistant and I were on our way to Top Shop where she’d been spotted by 2 girls from Elle Street Style looking for cool trendsetters. They thought Sana looks like Chloë Sevigny! How cool is Sana – she even has one green and one blue eye and they are so beautiful and of courseContinue reading


This is my new assistant on her first day! Stephanie’s visiting London for the summer. She’s from the States but would love to live in Europe. Being a fashion assistant is quite a bit of work. There are lots of errands to do and sometimes we have very short notice to prep a job, butContinue reading


I’ve had some really great fashion assistants over the years and for some odd reason, unknown to me they are often called Chloe or some form of Kate. Anyway my assistant Chloe is so hard working. She’s been running all over central London this week picking up and returning items. She has sore fingers fromContinue reading

Raise your Hands I styled this video quite a while back for Artcha and I just saw it on youtube for the first time! How fun! The video & song “Raise your Hands ” is quite upbeat and happy – you might not think the shoot day was like that but it actually was! TheContinue reading


Coco is visiting from the US and she’s been doing work experience in London as part of her university program for the past three months. This is a picture of Coco steaming away at a photo shoot! Most fashion assistants don’t realize how much of the work takes place before and after the shoot. TheContinue reading


The A/W trends are all about making statements and being seen! From shoes and handbags littered with rhinestones to the head-to-toe blocks of colors, the clothes on London’s fashion streets shout: look at me! The ‘hot’ trends begin with the sweater dress. This comfortable and versatile piece is perfect for going from a day atContinue reading


A fashion assistant has to carry a lot of bags! This is my assistant in Topshop at Oxford Circus after several hours of shopping and still going strong!

What does a fashion assistant do, what is work experience? Well let’s start with work experience. Well, this is the other side of fashion, the realist part, the day to day reality, unglamorous side but the 100% necessary side of fashion. You could be asked to do any of the following tasks and I’m sureContinue reading