Erin Fetherston & M·A·C Cult of Cherry The Cult of Cherry really makes me want to have something in this colour – lipstick, gloss, nail polish, a dress, anything just something…the video seems to stir something inside of me, a longing for a deep rich colour… I asked designer & super cool girl Erin FetherstonContinue reading

Maybe the only way for designers not to be copied by the high street is for them to create a diffusion range? I love Erin Fetherston fashion videos -this one she did with Kirsten Dunst and Ellen Von Unwerth Erin Fetherson for Target

What is the best way to show a collection, is it still the runway show, or the fashion video? Shows are fun, they create a buzz, lots of excitement, lots of press and most shows are videoed. Of course they is lots of waiting, of hours of preparation and lots of money that goes intocreatingContinue reading