It’s true celebrities often shop in their own home. A stylist or someone from the shop will bring a selection of clothes, shoes and accessories to the celebrity’s home or hotel. The keep what they want and return the rest.  Now we can do this too! Norma Kamali is offering a new service on herContinue reading

Looking for that perfect gift? How to avoid frostbite and not mess up your hair? Uggs has some great accessories. I’ve never been a massive Uggs fan but I’ve been warming up to them. I hate being cold and I don’t like to look ugly and anyone would look super cute in these earmuffs!!  Continue reading

When your grandmother worked in secret as a seamstress, spending her evenings sewing elaborate creations for her family and your grandfather worked in clothing production supplying leading British highstreet retailers after the first world war you know fashion is in your blood! Alice Stone, the granddaughter of Lily and Lionel studied design at London CollegeContinue reading

This is a viral ad for the fashion ecommerce website Alto Clothing, which specializes in clothing for tall men (and if you can wear a 38" inseam, you are tall!). Viral ads are special: the point is to grab your attention no matter what, and this will definitely stick in your head – warning: it’sContinue reading

Ok, there’s e-commerce and then there’s selling things online where you have to be referred just to sign up, and the discount is over £1000 per item (!) – that’s luxury etailing! These are the kind of pieces that would stay in a woman’s wardrobe forever and always look classic but with an edge –Continue reading


Ben Sherman and PPQ have collaborated on a new limited collection of dresses. There are only 175 dresses available in each look. There are 5 dresses and each one represents the look of the decade. PPQ has always been involved in the music scene and they even have their own record label 1-2-3-4. And ofContinue reading


I recently met with the lovely Leon Bailey Green. He is an online marketing and branding consultant. He is also the director of marketing for OSOYOU. OSOYOU is one stop shop which helps shoppers navigate their way round the internet. If you’re looking for a little black dress OSOYOU is going to give you aContinue reading


I was running some errands and came across this shop – it’s funny how you pass a street all the time and then one day it’s like you’re seeing it for the first time. This shop has been here for over 20 years. All the garments are so beautifully cut and the linings are justContinue reading


The dog is no longer man’s best friend but has become a delightful fashion accessory. Over the past few years I’ve seen quite a few fluffy pink lap dogs. I find the dogs quite amusing, cute and slightly odd – all at the same time. I must admit I’m kind of drawn to the dog,Continue reading