How wonderful to feel the emptiness of London on Christmas Day. It’s become one of my favourite things and almost a tradition to go on a Christmas Day cycle through the City and to Saint Paul’s Cathedral.


I used to love cycling but I’m a bit afraid with all the traffic in London. Of course ¬†on Christmas day there is almost no traffic in London so it’s the perfect day for a Christmas bike ride! The Gerkin St Paul’s Cathedral Bank Leadenhall¬†Market

I always feel so sad when I see an abandoned Christmas tree on the street. However, there is a bit of comfort knowing it will be recycled and made into compost!  

I love carousels. They are just so beautiful and magical. I’ve wanted to rent on for a shoot for ages! Saying that, I’ve never been on one, not even when I was little but I’m fascinated by them and can’t pass them by without stopping and taking a photo. This carousel is currently outside theContinue reading

I saw this picture at a location house that we were shooting in and thought it was perfect for Christmas Day. I used to love Christmas Day when I was little but as I got older it lost that magic. A few years back I found the magic again by simply going for a walkContinue reading

This afternoon my taxi passed by Trafalgar Square and there were several hundred Santa Clauses singing Beatles songs. I wasn’t sure if it was a genuine flash mob or an iTunes promo but whatever it was it was very festive!

This shot was taken on a shoot in the Rocky Mountains. It was magical, the drive was incredible and we saw so many amazing animals. I wish Christmas could be like this. Somehow the magic seems lost with adulthood and the expectations are so high but then you have these days thoughout the year whereContinue reading

Christmas By Colour Granny Colours

I’m having a really hard time getting into Christmas because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to shop and or send xmas cards – and it’s not snowy! This is just what I needed – some Christmas colour therapy! Christmas By Colour is a project to support a charity with a greatContinue reading

Saturday Dec 15th 2007, 6pm: I was on my way to Harriet’s Muse in Kingly Court on Carnaby St. here in London (to pick up some clothes for a photo shoot), and all of a sudden I realized I was being followed by 20 Santas! Hm, I thought, that’s odd… I went into Harriet’s Muse,Continue reading


This was a Christmas shoot and we had fake snow !! They used lots of salt and recycled plastic bags to make the snow. How cool! And actually the "snow" was quite damp.