Ok, there’s e-commerce and then there’s selling things online where you have to be referred just to sign up, and the discount is over £1000 per item (!) – that’s luxury etailing! These are the kind of pieces that would stay in a woman’s wardrobe forever and always look classic but with an edge –Continue reading

Afshin Feiz is one of those people who is so charming and sincere you can’t help but adore him. He’s worked for Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, Gilles Rosier and Nina Ricci – so one expects a lot from his collection! Afshin designs beautiful dresses, they are feminine and sexy, he really knows how to dressContinue reading


While on my way to dinner I spotted this Nissan Figaro that’s for sale. I know it’s not practical: I couldn’t fit my luggage in it, I only have a license for an automatic, I don’t like parallel parking – which is all one does in London. But it’s Barbie pink and so cute! IContinue reading