I had so much fun styling Delilah for Untitled Magazine shot by photographer Andreas Stavrinides. Hair: Elliot Bssilla Make Up: Julia Wilson

I’m feeling great at the moment, not that I’m usually in a bad mood but today I’m in a marvellous mood. I think it might have something to do with the gorgeous weather, the fact that it’s a bank holiday and that this is my first official post for stylist stuff. So, whilst catching someContinue reading

I like Suri Cruise and I hope she grows up to be a nice successful person. There is no arguing that Suri Cruise is very cute. She cute because she’s dressed like a little girl without being too flowery or fussy. Think about it, Suri has great hair, both of her parents have thick brownContinue reading

I’ve always liked Lily Allen. I loved her style in the video Smile: a vintage prom dress, trainers and gold hoop earrings. It was such an original look that the high street chain New Look worked with Lily Allen to launch her first capsule clothing line Lily Loves Lily Allen for New Look. Smile wasContinue reading

Ugly Betty: The Book is fashioned to resemble the ultra private and confidential white binder known as "the Book" (the Mode magazine mock-up prominently featured in the show), this book has a paper-over-board cover and is designed to look like an issue of Mode that Betty edited herself. The book’s chapters are presented in theContinue reading

I really like Katie Price, aka Jordan from her glamour days. Some UK celebrities work so hard at being celebrities that you just can’t help but respect their work ethic! She’s now come out with an equestrian line, which has equestrian clothing for women and (I love this)…horsewear! Horse and Hound magazine reports that herContinue reading

Britney Spears & Russell Brand – MTV VMA 2008 ads have been playing on TV and of course I love them! I like Britney Spears. I know sometimes her fashion choices are too much; they can be over the top or trailer trashy – but I like it. She takes a risk and goes forContinue reading


Victim is one of my favourite shops. Most of Victim’s dresses are one of a kind, so they are very distinct and recognizable. They are made with vintage silks and lace: you feel very sexy and feminine when you wear them. Everything is designed by Mei-Hui Liu, a dear friend of mine. Peaches Geldof wasContinue reading


It was great to run into one of my favourite Hannah’s – Hannah Almassi from Grazia! A press day is when a PR presents the new collection to editors and stylists. Most PRs carry more than one brand and some brands are done in house. During the press day you can create a list ofContinue reading


Celebrity in itself is a bit weird. I’ve met some people who just want to be a celebrity as a profession, like a dentist. A celebrity look-alike is weird but kind of fun and makes sense! We did a shoot with a Victoria & David Beckham, Ricky Gervais and Kylie look-alike. They were great: theyContinue reading

Some people feel that actresses are taking over the model industry, but models are taking over the film industry! There has always been a bit of a power struggle as some people argue that it cost less to put actors on the covers of magazines and that celebrities sell more magazines. Anyway, I’m really lookingContinue reading


I contribute regularly to Celebrity Style – Lily Allen: I love that fame hasn’t changed Lily’s personal style: she’s just expanded her wardrobe and slimmed down from a size 12 to an 8. This Chanel dress is perfect for her shape and shows off her curves. The sequence detail on the rib cage creates aContinue reading


Cate Blanchett is one of my favourite style icons – she looks great in just about anything. One of the most difficult challenges for an actress is figuring out what to wear to events before announcing to the world that you’re pregnant. You don’t want to look out of shape, but once you’ve announced yourContinue reading


Here’s a page from The Hairdresser’s Journal. I was asked to do a quick writeup on Jaime Pressly. Here’s the text just in case you find the image a bit small to read: So is Jamie Pressly a style icon just because she has been voted one of the sexiest women in the world andContinue reading