This show was such a pleasure to work on. I think I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face for the past few weeks as I just love Inbar’s collection. Inbar is really a truly creative person and as her stylist I want to do the best job possible. We had wonderful modelsContinue reading


Jacob Kimmie has done his first pre-collection. In London I’ve come to expect creativity and larger than life images on the catwalk. London doesn’t appear to be about wearability. So Jacob Kimmie, at the request of his clients for more wearable clothing is working on a commercial collection. Like many designers Kimmie is experiencing aContinue reading


I went to the opening preview of The Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the Barbican. It was quite amazing! I love the doll’s house – I think every girl loves a doll’s house. I had so many dolls when I was little, and my mum would make matching clothes for me and my dolls. IContinue reading


The Royal Collage of Art was transformed for it’s MA fashion show. It’s really important to see London’s new talent. At the RCA there are 32 postgraduate students in menswear, womenswear, knitwear, accessories, footwear and millinery who are showcasing their garments both on the catwalk and in a static exhibition. I didn’t get see anyContinue reading


I love Ann Demeulemeester’s menswear. Demeulemeester is part of the group of young designers who emerged from Belgium during the 1980s. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and launched her line in 1985. These images are from her Spring Summer 2008 collection and it’s very rock’n’roll. All of her clothesContinue reading


Model Lianna Fowler was at the casting, I met her at the PPQ party a while back so I’m so happy we can cast her. I think she’s fab! I love styling shows and working with designers. I’ve been styling a fashion show this week. There’s lots to organize: you need a hair and makeContinue reading


Like many Canadians who grew up in English Canada I am fascinated with Montreal. The rule is Torontonians live to work and Montrealers work to live and on some level I find this to be true. Personally, I want to work to live! I love Montreal and although it’s a much much smaller city thanContinue reading

I love that my camera is wireless and I can print images without even going near the printer. It’s great for backstage and for model fittings. It’s so important to have a picture of the whole look when you’re working backstage at a fashion show. It makes it easier for the dressers and if somethingContinue reading

Even cities like Liverpool are having their own fashion week! You just know it’s going to be glamours, gaudy and great fun! You might not be seeing Erin O’Conner in the front row but Liverpool has it’s own fashionists that they love and adore like Abby Clancy and Coleen McLoughlin! Liverpool fashion week starts today!


This is the lovely Miss Katie! Of course a girl this lovely must design something very special! For over 10 years, Miss Katie has created exquisite corsetry in latex, fine satins and silks – very sexy but still very playfull! It’s interesting in recent years how latex has moved into mainstream fashion- of course thisContinue reading


We all know about London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion week, but there are actually so many other fashion weeks or days in the world and they’re quite exciting to check out. It’s important & interesting to see what’s happening in other parts of the world. I know that fashion is global but sometimesContinue reading


Fashion is everywhere and so many little girls are having fun being designers & stylists. There is a new fashion game by Mattel called Barbie iDesign; it’s an online fashion design game for girls with cool outfits and a runway show. It still reminds me a bit of paper dolls but a far more updatedContinue reading


It’s cold and grey outside so I’ve been forcing myself to look ahead and think of spring dresses! So of course Nicola de Main comes to mind. OK, so I do wear lots of black but I can imagine myself on a hot sunny day sitting at an outdoor cafe with an ice latte wearingContinue reading


Today (Dec 21) is the final day for the Chris Moore exhibition at the London College of Fashion. I went yesterday, and it’s worth seeing, if only because there is no other catwalk photographer as famous, or as worthy of his own exhibition! We don’t start a fashion show if the photographers haven’t arrived. There’dContinue reading


I love that they give everyone a fan, it’s so civilized. It’s might look pretentious and chic but really it’s hot in these venues and a fan can be functional – yes you can have fashion & function!!


Wednesday 11 July 2007 Fashion is Art – VIP launch at The Carbon Bar, The Cumberland Hotel, Old Quebec Street, London, W1 Pearl Lowe hosts VIP event launching exhibition of avant-garde fashion, created to support Capital 95.8’s charity Help a London Child. The sensual Sophie Anderton, Hayley Westenra (who is just lovely!!) and Daisy LoweContinue reading


  A lecture from Lee Lapthorne MA – Creative Director of doll was a speaker at this event. He talked about the challenges new designers face and that once you’ve had your first a catwalk show why it’s importance to be able to show each season. What do you need to be considered forContinue reading

Link: / Arts & Weekend – Bored with London Fashion Week. There is another time in the calendar when London could steal some limelight. Couture, a shrinking branch of fashion, happens over three days in Paris in January and July as do the "pre-collections" – displays of the collections that are delivered to storesContinue reading

Link: London fashion should ban thin models – LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell urged organisers of London’s Fashion Week on Saturday to ban "stick-thin" models from its catwalks. But The British Fashion Council (BFC), which runs the London Week, has said it will not tell designers how to run their shows. ItContinue reading