I love when you just know the designer must own a pet – so many cat t-shirts by Black Score and the designer Simeon Farrar does own a cat.   

I didn’t really like the film Cats & Dogs:The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Why are cats portrayed as stupid and evil? In this Holy Fuck video this cat can drive.


I used to dress up my cat in my doll clothes and push her around in my pram when I was little. So naturally I was very excited to read about Cat Prin in this months Vice Magazine. You can read the full article by Vice at Puss In Boots (And Hats and Capes andContinue reading


I’ve always liked pets and animals. I think it’s an important trait that as a human being, we like to look after other species. So when I heard about the Cat Cafe Calico, I thought what could be better! In Toyko there are now 3 cafes were you can rent a cat for about ¬£3Continue reading

I wish they had you tube when I was little. I’m sure I’d be a different person if I had grown up with the internet. There are lots of silly things which make me laugh like this video, and of course it’s good to laugh and be a bit silly. Silliness is underrated.