What makes a good mannequin?  Lots of people think it’s easy to style a mannequin but it’s a lot more pinning than you imagine. Every shop window has mannequins – they’re essentail for creating the right brand image. But what makes a good mannequin and how do you chose? Adel Rootstein & Co. started makingContinue reading

arrow collar man

Fun fashion fact, courtesy of Canada’s National Post: the famous "Arrow Collar Man" from the early 1900’s, the picture of American male sophisticated style in advertising, was actually Charles Beach, a gay Canadian. Beach got more fan mail during the 1920’s than Rudolph Valentino.

I love London and Montreal. They have several things in common: 24 hour bagel shops and cool fashion. I don’t miss the winters in Montreal but I do miss its passion & style. When I miss Montreal I’ll head off to Brick Lane for a bagel cream cheese or salt beef, then I’ll go forContinue reading

Well, I have to say I feel very hip seeing myself in one of my favourite magazines! This is from the autumn issue of Zink Canada. When Zink magazine said they’d like to interview me I was quite delighted and they asked for a picture of me so I sent them a typical headshot. ThenContinue reading


It’s great to see a second issue of Zink Canada! I loved the first issue and I’m a fan of Zink international – which really is the Zink US edition and you can buy it at RD Franks but the Canadian version in only available in Canada!


Fashion has become very fashionable and there’s something comforting and fun about working in a virtual world especially if your only 10 years old. I think I would have liked games like this when I was little. Fashion games for girls is a huge market so it’s just not surprising that Koei have created aContinue reading


Many Canadians never see the Arctic but an adventurous group of employees from Hermès won their dream trip to travel to the Canadian Arctic and learn about the Inuit way of life. The contest was offered by Hermes to their employees worldwide; the employees were asked to submit a dream of any kind, travelling orContinue reading


Oliver Sweeney has been designing shoes for his own label for almost 20 years. Everything is designed in England and hand made in Italy. There are more than 120 stores stocking Oliver Sweeney shoes and accessories countrywide. I often go to the shop on Bond Street and the staff are very helpful. It’s important toContinue reading


Zink launches a Canadian edition! Spring 2008 Zink Magazine was founded about 6 years ago in New York City by Canadian-born model Isabelle Sabourin, & her husband Sheriff J. Ishak, publisher and editor-in-chief. I first found the magazine at RD Franks, in London and I thought it was Canadian but then realized it was actuallyContinue reading


Like many Canadians who grew up in English Canada I am fascinated with Montreal. The rule is Torontonians live to work and Montrealers work to live and on some level I find this to be true. Personally, I want to work to live! I love Montreal and although it’s a much much smaller city thanContinue reading


As a kid I hated road trips but this trip has really been great! It felt like the kind of trip that you take with your girlfriends and most of us have already worked together so it made everything super easy. We’re all Canadian with one American so we’ve all experienced the childhood road trip;Continue reading


This is my first trip to Calgary and it reminds me of Winnipeg in some ways – I guess lots of Canadian cities look, well, Canadian. Everyone is so friendly that it seems a bit unreal. i didn’t realize how accustomed I’ve become to London. It’s not so much that Londoners are rude -they’re not,Continue reading


I was staying in a log cabin for a couple of days for a photo shoot. This was the best bed I’ve ever slept in but I’m not quite sure if it’s because I was so tired from all the hard work or just jet lagged. Anyway the bed was so high that you hadContinue reading


I love it when any city gets inspired by fashion! We naturally focus on the fashion capitals like Paris, New York and Milan, but many capital cities celebrate fashion, and the smaller the city the more fashion week is celebrated by all. Toronto‘s fashion week is from March 17th-22nd and is held right in NathanContinue reading


I hate cold feet especially when I’m on a location video/ film shoot and I’m not really an Uggs girl. I do appreciate models who wears Uggs because they don’t have to wear socks that make lines on their legs and can still have warm feet. The Canadian equivalent are Muks. Anyway, during the CanadianContinue reading

Sleeping bag2.JPG

For some reason I’m partial to this sleeping bag-parka, it might be a Canadian thing. It’s nice to be cozy but with this look you could be cozy all the time. It comes in a variety of colours and it’s good for sumo wrestling! The Selk’bag is a sleeping system which allows to dress withContinue reading


Went to the see Don Giovanni with Toronto opera director Penelope Cookson. It’s so great to see people dressed up for an event, and of course you can preorder your champagne for intermission!


Saw Some of my favourite people: Sheryl May who had been quite busy showing her next collection at London Fashion Week                                                                                                     Continue reading


The Zoo in Ahtari was more like a nature park. We were so lucky as we got a private tour after hours. It’s funny visiting an animal park at ten in the evening when it looks like morning outside. Most of the animals were awake, so we were so lucky. The trainer even let usContinue reading