Sometimes it’s good to take time off and take a break even if it’s only for a few hours. The last two weeks have been quite busy – I’ve styled seven shoots. So it’s good to take the morning off to read Grazia and NME while enjoying pancakes and rocking away to 80’s music atContinue reading


Every week I’m visiting designers or PRs to pick up items for my shoots. Today I went to visit Becc at Bloody Gray PR. Every PR is unique. Becc represents quite a few new designers – which is perfect for Phoenix magazine! Becc is super friendly and very professional – we even had a sneakyContinue reading


I’m often visiting Hackney Wick as I work with several designers and photographers whose studios are based there. The streets are usually empty and it often feels quite deserted. Today the area was vibrant and full of life. People were spilling out of galleries, and music was everywhere – today was Hackney WickED! This isContinue reading


It’s great when you see something new! This is a Gourd it’s part of the melon family.


The V&A is one of the most romantic places to share a piece of carrot cake.

I’ve always liked Rolos. They’re quite handy for a sugar fix and good for sharing. They were introduced in 1971. I was quite surprized to discover that ASDA sells a gold plated Rolo!

Love this commercial!

Cake is always a bit exciting. I’m a bit bored of the cupcake, the cupcake is what it is. It always looks nice and tastes ok. I expect more from cake (or petit fours). The difficulty I have with cake is that it often looks more beautiful than it tastes. This is the Angelica GateauContinue reading

Usually one would never eat a cup of sugar but candy floss on a stick is hard to resist!

Love these teapots by Tony Carter. I saw this one at Selfridges but you can also by them online at Carter Tea Pots Not sure I’d want a cup of tea from a ‘toilet teapot’…

I love tomatoes so I was a bit sad knowing that this one was facing it’s death, but then I took a closer look at the wheel and it said ‘EAT’ and I knew it was fate so I left it there.

Scoop is a delicious Italian gelateria in Soho. They offer a variety of flavours including cinnamon, fior di Latte, chocolate, bacio and tiramisu – it’s so yummy! It’s also quite light as the fruit sorbets are almost fat free and the gelatos are only 8% fat!  Scoop is at 53 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UY.

Going out for breakfast with friends is one of my favourite things. The Breakfast Club just off Hoxton Square has an added bonus – the world’s smallest disco in the loos!

Krispy Kreme are celebrating Glamour’s 10th anniversary with Glazed donuts. The glaze looks amazing, like lip gloss in strawberry and blackcurrant! You can even buy them at Tesco! Yum!

A delightful playful tea party was hosted by Markus Lufper at the Sanderson. Delicious cakes that say ‘Eat Me‘, sweet caramel lemon potions, scones and clotted cream!  You really you just wanted to go on a journey somewhere, cozy in knitwear or seductive in lace, wearing spotted tights and laugh with your friends! It wasContinue reading

It’s good to go out with the girlfriends and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life – like food! I had a wonderful experinece dining at Bistro Fifteen. It’s very pretty without being overly girly. There’s lots of fashion art work on the walls so I felt right at home. It wasn’t just that theContinue reading

Friends, wonderful wonderful friends! Philippe Starck-designed restaurant BON in Paris. Ladurée known for their delicious double-decker macarons! I love hats but never seem to wear them enough. I love going for coffee. It’s not even that I love coffee so much, it’s more that I love the act of coffee. Choosing a cafe, meeting friends,Continue reading

Fudge has always made me happy. I associate it with fairs, fun, going to Niagara Falls and Christmas. It’s one of those treats that is simple to make and always festive. This picture was taken at a market stall in Spitalfields. Chocolate Pistachio Fudge by Nigella Lawson From Nigella Express Ingredients 350g/12oz dark chocolate, at leastContinue reading

I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays that no matter what country I’ve lived I alway enjoy celebrating. Cranberry, turkey, homemade pumpkin pie and of course good friends it’s just such a perfect way to celebrate all the things that I’m thankful for. What a wonderful year! Pumpkin pie or flourless chocolate cake –Continue reading