If you need a little break from all your Christmas shopping, London is full of wonderful cafes. 53 Lexington Street, Soho, London W1F 9AN

Istanbul is beautiful at night! The cafes are full and children are playing in the square. It reminds me a little bit of Barcelona. It’s relentlessly hot & muggy.


I spotted designer Karen Brost on her scooter! I love girls on scooters – maybe because it’s something I rarely saw in Toronto, but when I moved to London you see loads of scooters and even more in Barcelona. A girl with a dress, heels and zooming around London – so cool. We decided toContinue reading


Models go on castings on a daily basis, the rest of us make up artists, hair stylists, photographers and stylists go on appointments. It’s hard to make the time when you’re busy shooting but it’s important to meet new people and show your work. You’re basically going on mini interviews all day. What’s great andContinue reading


I’ve always liked pets and animals. I think it’s an important trait that as a human being, we like to look after other species. So when I heard about the Cat Cafe Calico, I thought what could be better! In Toyko there are now 3 cafes were you can rent a cat for about £3Continue reading


Some mornings it’s good to go out and just relax, enjoy the day and think about what a good week it’s been!


I love hotels. I know I mention this all the time but it’s only because it’s true. Hotel rooms are so tidy and I guess I just need to be free of my clutter and debris. I also like a hotel that gives you your own little coffee pot at breakfast (I drink tea inContinue reading


I went to see the Balenciaga Spring 2008 preview at Browns. It’s so fun to drink champagne and eat rose petal flavour macaroons from La Durée. Who says fashion isn’t a nice life – well actually nobody does! Anyway fashion is great, of course it’s greater if you have more money, but don’t we sayContinue reading


Saw this cafe while on my way to meet some friends in Soho. It looked quite cute inside, you could smell the coffee and they had lots of pin up girl postcards!


I love Tights Please. I love their over the knee socks with bows and wear them all the time. And now they are offering "Caffeine Tights"! Now, I am a big coffee lover. I love the smell of coffee, coffee beans covered in chocolate and just hanging out in cafes. But tights? I’m a bitContinue reading