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Mrs Marengo’s

Posted by Rebekah Roy on December 11th, 2008

MrsMarengos Cafe sohojpg  Mrs Marengos

If you need a little break from all your Christmas shopping, London is full of wonderful cafes.

MrsMarengos Cafe soho1  Mrs Marengos

53 Lexington Street, Soho, London W1F 9AN

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Istanbul at Night

Posted by Rebekah Roy on August 15th, 2008

08 15 2008 013220  Istanbul at Night

Istanbul is beautiful at night! The cafes are full and children are playing in the square. It reminds me a little bit of Barcelona. It’s relentlessly hot & muggy.

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Cafes & Karen Brost

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 30th, 2008

I spotted designer Karen Brost on her scooter! I love girls on scooters – maybe because it’s something I rarely saw in Toronto, but when I moved to London you see loads of scooters and even more in Barcelona. A girl with a dress, heels and zooming around London – so cool.
karenbrost1 Cafes & Karen Brost
We decided to go for drinks at The Botanist on Sloane Square – it’s only been open for a short while but it seems quite popular & trendy. How nice to pass the time away chatting about Karen’s new Spring/ Summer 09 collection – Frill Seeker & Regal on the Riviera, while sipping on a Fresh Summer Breeze – fresh strawberries, natural cinnamon syrup and pineapple juice.
botanistonsloanesquare Cafes & Karen Brost
The KBL collection is very chic and has a subtle edge to it. Many of the pieces are quite sexy without being revealing – it’s all about the cut and the beautiful fabrics, oh and some of her prints are to die for. It’s the names that get me: Aphrodites Legacy, Grecian Rocker, Angel Face and Rock & Roll Riding Coat!
Me with the super cool & chic Karen Brost!
karen brost rebekah roy Cafes & Karen Brost

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Appointments and Book Shopping

Posted by Rebekah Roy on April 24th, 2008

img433 Appointments and Book Shopping
Models go on castings on a daily basis, the rest of us make up artists, hair stylists, photographers and stylists go on appointments. It’s hard to make the time when you’re busy shooting but it’s important to meet new people and show your work. You’re basically going on mini interviews all day.
img434 Appointments and Book Shopping
What’s great and not so great is that you might be running all over the city while going to appointments. So I generally use this opportunity to check out any cool shops or cafes. Near Dalston Station there are two Oxfams quite close to each other – one for clothing and then just a few doors down an Oxfam book shop. It’s huge and all the books are 99p!

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Tokyo’s Cat Cafe Calico

Posted by Rebekah Roy on April 14th, 2008

Japan Cat cafe2 Tokyos Cat Cafe Calico

I’ve always liked pets and animals. I think it’s an important trait that as a human being, we like to look after other species. So when I heard about the Cat Cafe Calico, I thought what could be better! In Toyko there are now 3 cafes were you can rent a cat for about £3 for an hour or £9 for 3 hours. Takafumi Fukui is the founder of the first and very popular Tokyo’s Cat Cafe Calico. There are 14 very clean cats to pet – they are shampooed and brushed regularly and you must have a thorough hand wash before entering the lounge. It’s very difficult to have a pet in Japan so the cafe offers a very unique and relaxing service! How cool is that!

I like seeing animals out and about, especially when I see a dog sitting comfortably on the floor at a pub or outside a cafe. While dining out in Paris, I was trying to enjoy my dinner but at the table across from me, a women had her small dog on the table, eating from her plate -that didn’t really work for me, but the Cat Cafe Calico sounds purrfect!
Source: Reuters

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