One of the biggest concerns amongst fashion designers is funding. It’s not easy to be a new designer in any country, and often before one has access to funding you have to prove yourself – without funding, which is a bit of a Catch-22 situation. Once you get to a certain level, though, it’s alsoContinue reading

Sarah Bailey, Deputy Editor of Harpers Bazaar with the understated and very charming Jason Wu. His collection is lovely and he sold so many pieces that he had to go back to his hotel to find more dresses for the window. Jason is chatty and delightful – you want to listen to all his storiesContinue reading

Jessica Bumpus of, Courtney Blackman and me ready for Fashion’s Night Out! Our first stop was Browns on South Molton Street! Designers at Browns! The Felder Felder sister, Roksanda Illincic, Marios Schwab, Jonathan Saunders, Antonio Berardi, Ben Grimes and Lily Parker (of LP.BG), Henry Holland, Mario Schwab and William Tempest. There were so manyContinue reading

Osman Yousefzada with FBC co-founder Courtney Blackman. It was a small yet lovely event with Colin McDowell, Erin Mullaney (Browns Buying Director, Womenswear & Focus), Zoe Kuipers (Communications Director of Browns), freelance fashion journalist Avril Groom, Mariella Tandy (Retail Editor of Tatler), Marcio Quintela (Browns Stylist) and of course some very loyal shoppers! Everything inContinue reading

You might think that because knitwear designer Mark Fast grew up in Winnipeg that his garments would be warm and cosy but he’s created some of the chicest and sexist knitwear around! Think corsetry, Elizabethan/Joan of Arc and a hint of S&M. Mark knits everything by hand on a domestic knitting machine. Mark studied fashionContinue reading

I love a good online chat!  Fashion editor Khabi Mirza and assistant fashion editor Laura Jackson of Drapers typed away until their fingers were raw giving us the hits and misses of this seasons catwalk. Things to pay attention to: Khabi Mirza:  "The oversized bag trend has almost entirely disappeared in favour of structured stylesContinue reading


There are some people who have a gift of making you feel special, they take time when they speak with you and look you in the eye – it sounds so simple but it’s become so rare, so when it happens you fall under their spell and you can’t help but adore them. Joan BursteinContinue reading


I went to see the Balenciaga Spring 2008 preview at Browns. It’s so fun to drink champagne and eat rose petal flavour macaroons from La DurĂ©e. Who says fashion isn’t a nice life – well actually nobody does! Anyway fashion is great, of course it’s greater if you have more money, but don’t we sayContinue reading


Worked with a super cool new fashion designer, William Tempest. What is the name of your collection? William Tempest: Noir Style… I was inspired by actresses such as Rita Hayworth and Katharine Hepburn, and played with the stereotypes that regularly feature in film noir movies, from the femme fatal to the private detective. The useContinue reading