These ASOS commercials made laugh! ASOS are the key SS10 sponsor for Britain’s Next Top Model and their advertising budget this year was £4.1 million. Advertising agency Mother came up with these ‘catty’ ads.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the Britain’s Next Top Model lingerie shoot. The shoot was with designer Victoria Holt of Fred & Ginger and I was her stylist. The location was amazing and the girls were really proffessional and excited about the shoot, even though it was a 16-hour day!

      These were the 24  finalists for the Face of Tigra Competition 2009. I was surprized that some of the girls wore flat shoes even thought we offered them heels. If you want to be a model get a pair of high heels and pratice walking in them! Here’s a few more modelsContinue reading

We went up to Manchester the night before our  show – with the bank holiday weekend and all the train diversions it was just the simplest thing to do. Fashion is never as glamorous as it looks – it’s our job to make it look fabulous! My call time is 8am. We all leave theContinue reading

So of course I’m quite excited about the show on Living. I’ve watched the second episode and my assistants and I have been making guesses about who will win! I’m really looking forward to seeing the makeovers on the next show – should be good. Some of the girls are just a bit too whinyContinue reading

So another week has gone by in my little world of beauty & makeup and what an action packed time it’s been! I attended a makeup launch for Armani and discovered a few fab products that I’ve never used before; like the gorgeous fluid sheer in number 2. It’s an iridescent, transparent liquid makeup thatContinue reading