Lately I’ve been obssessed with all things punk – which I think is actually because of the Queen’s Jubliee and watching the Punk Britannia series. I recently when to the exhibition of Simon Barker’s photographs from 1976-77 at the Divus Temporary Gallery on Wilkes Street. (in East London). It’s just refreshing to see raw, uninhibitedContinue reading


How cool to see your Idol and good friends. I really love going to see new bands and some new bands are really great performers but there is nothing like seeing good seasoned musicians. I love watching Steve Stevens play guitar – you really feel like he and his guitar are one. It’s like aContinue reading


Met up with De Wayne, we met a couple of years ago working together on the Billy Idol tour. He was in London this week working on Merchants of Bollywood at the HammerSmith Apollo (where The Feeling will be playing Feb 2nd & 3rd!!!). Anyway it was a great show. I have never seen soContinue reading


I was going to see the show Victim, it wasn’t going to start until B Rude finished, so I went to see what all the excitement was about. “You have to hand it to Boy George. Although the karma chameleon has a court case looming (for drug possession and filing a false police report), heContinue reading


More cool shoes. Eddyfink, this is one of my favourite bands, or to be more precise favourite group of people who is a band. I think when I came back from my Billy Idol tour I was “band sick”, ok, so most people get home sick – which since I love hotels I’m never homeContinue reading


Just outside our hotel in the late afternoon, it’s suddenlty felt like another world. The crew waiting in the lobby People walking to the Fortress for the show Brian Tichy & Toast videoing I’ve been trying to get a good picture of Brian, but I get lots of motion blur partially beacuse of my cameraContinue reading


The Colosseum was such a great place to be in. I wasn’t expecting in, I’ve tried to find out a bit more info on it’s history but haven’t had any luck, the venue is Arnele Romana. Me &┬áDerek Sherinian Toast looks great!


  The white bathrobe is iconic, Marilyn Monroe made it so, maybe it was important before but I’m not really sure. Anyway, who doesn’t love a soft white robe that is just a bit too big and has a feeling of luxury. Yes, cotton can be so amazing. But really to be in Vilnius, LithuaniaContinue reading


The audience in Riga was great fun, everyone was just dancing away! Not exactly what i was trying to shoot but still it’s kind of cool. Obviously this is why I’m a stylist and not a photographer! For more images & info check out www.BillyIdol.net


Billy sings “In the Summer Time” and the crowd goes wild. How cool and of course the sun is shining at night! Steve Stevens is also in the picture on the left, a true rock god and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!


In the early evening, the crowd gathers! This was a huge festival and nothing was near by. It was the day of 24 daylight which was amazing, it’s like the party never stops. Everyone we met in Finland was so kind and warm, not what I expected at all. Sometimes your work takes you toContinue reading


How cool, from my balcony you can see the stage being set up! They are expecting 15,000 people, which seems like everyone who lives in the area! It’s really one of the biggest events that is happening here and one of the opening band is Finnish, “Lordi” who won Eurovision 2006 so there is lotsContinue reading

Spend most of the day organizing my visa for my trip to St Petersburg! Should be quite cool! The line up was quite long and people start queuing at 5am, and the office is only open until noon, so if you’re too far back in the queue, you just have to come back another day!!Continue reading

I’ll be away most of July styling for Billy Idol! July Sat 1 Keskinen Shopping Centre (outdoor) Tuuri Sun 2 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland Mon 3 New Arena,St Petersburg (outdoor) Wed 5 Riga Arena, Riga, Latvia Thu 6 Ice Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania Sat 8 Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia Mon 10 Cotroceri Stadium, Bucharest, RomaniaContinue reading


Last Autumn I went on tour with Billy Idol. This pic is from our last show in Germany. He’s doing another tour in Europe this July!