I love this yellow lemon Mr Stanford umbrella. It’s so grey and rainy lately that having a cheery umbrella will at least make you feel better about the rain. These umbrellas  are  designed and handmade in Brighton and supposed to be quite sturdy. So many umbrellas break and turn inside out in the rain andContinue reading


The Sandal and the Craftsman. I’m not one to get my feet out but with the warmer weather I want to experience every moment of it and if that means exposing my feet then that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not that there is anything unusual about my feet but I’ve never been tooContinue reading

Bracher Emden

These are the coolest men’s bags I’ve ever seen. The leather & craftsmanship is beautiful and the designs are truly masculine (they’re huge). Bracher Emden also offer a bespoke service: you can choose the colour of leather and embellishment. These bags are big, and heavy! The construction feels very solid.

Sir Tom Baker specialises in classically cut formal suits and modern cutting edge suits. You might not be a rock star but if you’d like to feel like one you might consider one of his suits, either bespoke or off the peg. Sir Tom trained at Hardy Amies. He’s been creating bespoke suits for overContinue reading

Sometimes I think London is a city made up of hundreds and thousands of design studios. There are so many jewellery, milliners and fashion designers – this is what’s so special about fashion in the UK – so much talent in one small place! Hemyca is a London based design team. We were paired togetherContinue reading


Jacob Kimmie has done his first pre-collection. In London I’ve come to expect creativity and larger than life images on the catwalk. London doesn’t appear to be about wearability. So Jacob Kimmie, at the request of his clients for more wearable clothing is working on a commercial collection. Like many designers Kimmie is experiencing aContinue reading


Doing a photo shoot with Olympic athletes can be great, they already have such a strong presence and are comfortable with lots of people running around; which they can just ignore and focus on the task at hand. All the athletes are sponsored by Team Visa. When you have young athletes doing there first fashionContinue reading


I was running some errands and came across this shop – it’s funny how you pass a street all the time and then one day it’s like you’re seeing it for the first time. This shop has been here for over 20 years. All the garments are so beautifully cut and the linings are justContinue reading


I’m a sucker for leather gloves. The picture above is the shop front window of the House of Cashmere in the Burlington Arcade (in London). They have some great light weight leather gloves in fabulous colours. I like wearing gloves especially on the tube when everything feels so dirty. Oh, and I love wearing drivingContinue reading


Jimmie Martin is one of my favourite furniture designers and he’s been featured in Vogue, Harpers, Style, Flux and countless other publications. Jimmie’s created a bespoke chair that incorporates a hand-painted portrait of Kylie (taken from the Showgirl Homecoming tour), with hundreds of Swarovski crystals adorning the headdress as well as armrests along side Kylie’sContinue reading


Louis Mariette is a fabulously delightful milliner and i-D magazine stated that he was one of the 250 most influential creative professionals in the world. He is probably most famous for designing the world’s most expensive hat, valued at £1.5 million. Most importantly, whenever you visit Louis’ showroom you’re offered a cup of tea andContinue reading