As per usual, I’m always on the hunt for new products to test and try.  This week I’ve been checking out a few bits from E.Funkhouser. I first discovered E.Funkhouser randomly,when I was given one of their lipsticks in a fashion press party goodie bag. After I noticed the products were listed as E.Funkhouser- NewContinue reading

I met Jessica at a fashion party. It was one of those rare parties where everyone was very friendly and just chit chatting away. Jessica looked so fabulous I just had to speak with her and when she told me she was the Managing Director of Cult Beauty, I was so excited, as I loveContinue reading

Originally from New York, Rachel has been living and working in London since 1996. She is represented by Cape London in the UK Her work as a makeup artist has led her to travel across the UK, to 2 summer seasons in Ibiza (she worked as the makeup artist for world’s biggest club night Manumission) andContinue reading

Say goodbye to 2008 looking like the most glamourous you and unleash a touch of shimmer- Give Posh spice’s cheekbones a run for her money and brush a touch of shimmer across your cheeks for super sexy highlighted shine.  This makes them pop- I love Bobbi Browns Shimmer Bricks- It always makes my cheeks lookContinue reading

Life is full of cliches. The problem with cliches is that they are usually true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty comes from within. All true, but just sometimes something on the outside can change how we feel on the inside. This time of year, there’s so much expectation for one toContinue reading

Ugly Betty: The Book is fashioned to resemble the ultra private and confidential white binder known as "the Book" (the Mode magazine mock-up prominently featured in the show), this book has a paper-over-board cover and is designed to look like an issue of Mode that Betty edited herself. The book’s chapters are presented in theContinue reading

This is a different kind of vibrator – it’s for your face. As you know I’m a skin care addict so of course I can’t resist trying a new product. I’m not good at going to a salon or spa to get facials – it’s more of a time thing for me but I neverContinue reading

Jeff Larson, a prominent Republican consultant and the chief executive of the local host committee for the Republican National Convention, paid for Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe. It’s no shock that the clothes will be given to charity after the election as why would Sarah Palin wear them twice? Let alone claim $150,000 USD as incomeContinue reading

I went to a wonderful event for Red or Dead at Home House in central London. Red or Dead designs footwear, watches, handbags, sunglasses but tonight was all about spectacles. The presentation was truly unique as you could view the spectacles at eye level – (if you’re 5′ 2") and you can easily see allContinue reading


I really like graffiti.  Both of these phrases “She walks in beauty” and “I want to believe” make me think; they make me want something.  I’d like to be the girl who walks in beauty even though on an intellectual level I’m not exactly sure what that means. If I think about it of courseContinue reading


I’m a skin care and mascara addict but when I’m on a shoot I love to ask the make-up artist for some tips – who knows better than a working professional! Celebrity make-up Rachel Wood shares her Top 5 Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter 08! 1- Brows, groomed but full, put away your tweezers and sayContinue reading


I saw this pillow on Cult Beauty. I’ve always wanted a silk pillow case. I’ve read that it’s suppose to feel very nice again ones skin and protect the skin from developing more lines or deeper creases. No pillow lines! It’s kind of funny that we spend all of this money on skin care –Continue reading


The Shop Bluebird had a party last night to celebrate Aquascutum‘s Women’s AW 08 collection. Michael Herz – Aquascutum’s Womenswear Designer with the very charming Jasmine Guinness Aquascutum is 155 years old and they still make all their core products in Northamptonshire. There are so many challenges for a heritage brand – how do youContinue reading


The dog is no longer man’s best friend but has become a delightful fashion accessory. Over the past few years I’ve seen quite a few fluffy pink lap dogs. I find the dogs quite amusing, cute and slightly odd – all at the same time. I must admit I’m kind of drawn to the dog,Continue reading


Shu Uemura has a wonderful selection of false eyelashes and they offer a complimentary eyelashes application as long as you purchase the eyelashes in the shop. False eyelashes are the last thing that you put on the eyes, so the eye make-up has to be complete beforehand. Shu Uemura also offer an eye make-up sessionContinue reading

I love mascara. It’s the only product I run out and buy if an ad or magazine article tells me to. (And yes, I’m a sucker for good advertising). I just want really long lashes. I’d wear false eyelashes if I could figure out how to put them on, and be assured that they wouldContinue reading


I like the pale English look: those who have porcelain skin like Kate Winslet and Sophie Ellis Bextor and then the British bands who are more pale then porcelain – but it’s a very British rock and roll look that I love, like Liela Moss’ look from The Duke Spirits. Then, of course there isContinue reading


I like styling strong brands as they understand their image and even without using the brand name you know the product because of their signature look. Now that’s branding! Photographer Jason Moore Stylist Rebekah Roy Hair Takashi Sano Make-up Kate Hughes

Sometimes marketing is more then just marketing, it actually has a conscience and does some good. (I actually like Dove soap). Dove has not only created the Dove Self Esteem Fund but they and Step Up are partnering to develop joint self-esteem programs that inspire girls to believe in themselves. Dove’s newest film, from reading


I love this make up! Hair and and makeup can change the whole feel of the shoot. Workshops for Make-Up Artist at the Fashion & Textile Museum This exciting new series of lectures, featuring key professionals from the world of hairdressing and beauty, will be held on Wednesday nights in February and March 2006. MagazineContinue reading