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I’ve been using Palm & Sole for over a year now and the Three-In-One FACIAL MEZZE Red Mandarin & Cleansing Castor that includes a little pot of exfoliating grounds is one of my favourite products. It’s a masque, daily cleanser and exfoliator all in one. This is when taking off your makeup and removing the daily sludge of city life,Continue reading


Every now and then you get something a bit unusual in a gift bag at London Fashion Week so I was amused to receive some toothpaste. Beverly Hills Formula for perfect white is actually black tooth paste, it turns white greyish colour while you’re brushing your teeth. My teeth felt clean but somehow I couldn’tContinue reading


I spend quite a bit of time in Bath during Bath in Fashion but I rarely get to the opportunity to play tourist while I’m there. Bath is a wonderful place to escape to and it’s only just over an hour away from London. My new favourite place is the Royal Crescent Hotel. Hidden on the other side of the GeorgianContinue reading

No matter what you wear your hair is one of your best accessories. I love having my hair coloured and it’s not something I’ve ever attempted to do myself. I know too many people who have horror stories – one friend had an allergic reaction and her face swelled up and she was looking unrecognisableContinue reading


I love this salon! At Cheeky on Redchurch Street, you can get your nails done while having something delicious to eat. If you have a full manicure they give you a Cheeky nail polish of your choice to take home! It’s a very modern throwback to the old-fashioned beauty parlour. It’s a place that peopleContinue reading


I am quite obsessed with skin care and it’s really important to look after your skin, especially when one could use an extra boost of hydration during the winter. I’ve always been a little bit confused about essential oils and weren’t sure if they were really necessary or doing anything. Recently I’ve been using  DarphinContinue reading

I love receiving presents so when I received some Molton Brown I was quite excited – I think everyone loves Molton Brown. Then I realized the scent was Pink Pepperpod? What? Really did I want to smell like the sauce that goes with my steak? To my surprise the scent was refreshing, stimulating with hintsContinue reading


Don’t underestimate the power of accessories and jewellery. I love styling accessory and jewellery shoots as accessories can completely change how we wear an outfit. If you learn to accessorize you can get more value for the clothes that you already have as you can get more use out of them. We tend to wearContinue reading

"This Pearls of Wisdom campaign would not have been possible without the generous support, time and hard work of a number of committed individuals and companies, all of whom believe in the value of older people." – Jewish Care Written and Directed by Malcolm Green; Cinematography by Daniel Trapp

I love this mascara! It feels very light on the lashes, gives lots of volume, doesn’t smudge and actually washes off easily! DJV Volume Beautenizer Lash is Japan’s biggest selling mascara so it’s not surprizing that its really voluptuous. It’s a fibre, and I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it feels different whenContinue reading

I am obsessed with skin care. I’m usually carrying bags and touching fabrics so my hands are always in very rough condition. I recently received a jar of HealGel and it’s seemed to work very well. it’s been quite calming and soothing on my skin.        

So Christmas is only a few days away & for those of you still struggling to find those last minute gifts, I have a few suggestions from my beauty wish list: Candy Eye’d Eye Shadow Helper by Lime Crime This is an amazing new eye shadow primer. The texture of this product is unreal. ItContinue reading

  There is less than a month left for 2010 but I’m already excited for all those new beauty product launches that 2011 will bring… especially now that I’ve been informed that one of my favourite fashion designers- Betsy Johnson has teamed up with Tweezrman to design a series of decorative tweezers. They will beContinue reading

This week I’m working with the charming hair and makeup artist Chase Aston. He’s also the global spokesperson for The Body Shop and had introduced me to this wicked eyeliner,  Kajal – it’s very smooth so it goes on easily and actually stays on!              

Ever spend time straightening your hair only to walk out the door and watch it turn into frizz central? I have been a long time sufferer of ‘afflicted sudden frizz’. I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve spent styling/straigtening my hair, only to have it turn into an unruly mess because of badContinue reading

We are constantly being reminded to use it but most of us don’t really know what it means. SPF is a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen. So if a suntan lotion is SPF30, your skin will not burn until it has been exposed to 30-times the amount of solar energy that would usuallyContinue reading

Ugli is actually a citrus fruit grown exclusively in Jamaica! I saw this "fruit" at a grocery shop and couldn’t stop laughing because it’s really not that good looking, and I thought that at least they labeled it appropriately. I didn’t buy one to try it because that would have involved touching it.

Love this video Defragmentation of Beauty from 25 Magazine, Spring 2010. The whole concept of the "editorial" is changing. I love the fusion of the video, the print story with the illustration and the filming of the shoot day.

Boots Nº7 Creative Director and Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge was hosting the press day at the fashionable St Martin’s Lane Hotel. For Spring 2010 it’s all about minerals and gemstone inspired colours and natural radiance. In the meantime during the winter months it’s important to pay attention to skincare! Personally I’m obsessed with skincare andContinue reading